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Our website welcomes guest writers to contribute original content. If you are interested in writing for us, please follow these simple steps. First, read our editorial guidelines and ensure that your post is 100% original and not published on other websites or print publications. If you have any commercial relationships with companies or people mentioned in your post, please disclose them. We retain exclusivity of the post for 24 hours after it is published, and you can repost it with attribution to the original post.

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Once your pitch is approved, begin crafting your post, keeping it between 500 to 900 words in length with a light and breezy tone. Include a short bio and relevant URLs, and if applicable, a headshot or book-cover image. After submitting your post, our editors will review and edit it to adhere to our style guidelines and add stock art where necessary. Publication is not guaranteed, but we will promote your content using various social networks and email newsletters.

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We encourage you to be passionate about your subject matter and think about where your interests and expertise overlap with our coverage areas. Our best guest posts are written by authors who are passionate about their topics, and our editors are happy to help you refine your idea. We look forward to receiving your pitch and working with you to publish original and engaging content on our website.

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