How to Replace Brake Booster on a Chevrolet

Do you know what the booster does? Essentially, it’s a complex mechanism that makes it easier for the driver to hit the brakes. The booster achieves that by reducing the necessary pedal pressure for successful braking. For that, it uses a vacuum pump or “borrows” the vacuum from the motor’s intake. Without the brake booster, you might not be able to stop the car in time. So, if you feel like it takes you a lot more effort to hit … Continue reading “How to Replace Brake Booster on a Chevrolet”

Chevy Impala Rack and Pinion Problems

The steering system in the Chevrolet Impala (or any other modern-day vehicle) is pretty sophisticated. And, it implements the so-called rack and pinion mechanism. Essentially, it’s a combination of different mechanical parts: the shafts, universal joints, tie rods, and, of course, the steering rack, which aims the wheels in the correct direction. Now, it’s safe to say that the rack + pinion are the most important parts of this system. When you’re turning the steering wheel, you’re actually turning the … Continue reading “Chevy Impala Rack and Pinion Problems”

How to Replace Upper Control Arm Bushings Chevrolet

The control arms are one of the most important components of the suspension system. They keep the vehicle steady, stable and make the driver feel in control over the road. The bushings, in turn, smooth out the ride quality, improve steering and protect the control arms from metal-to-metal friction. Sadly, over time, the bushings tend to wear out – most notably, in older cars. Plus, if you’re driving on “unforgiving” terrain like a dusty desert, a muddy forest, or a … Continue reading “How to Replace Upper Control Arm Bushings Chevrolet”