10 Things About the Jeep Patriot You Didn’t Know

10 Things About the Jeep Patriot You Didn’t Know

Alright, let’s face it: the Patriot isn’t the most popular Jeep nameplate out there. Nor is it the most reliable or capable SUV on the market. However, it’s got a long list of pros that make it a rather competitive vehicle both for regular driving and off-roading. First of all, it’s a five-door compact crossover, which is quite a rare combination. Secondly, compared to most compacts, it’s considerably lighter and shorter, with 8 inches of clearance.

Plus, it looks like a Jeep; if you’re a fan of this legendary brand, the Patriot will have all the qualities of the “royal family”. So, join me, and let me share ten facts about the Patriot that you’ve probably never heard about.

#1: It’s Rather Affordable

10 Things About the Jeep Patriot You Didn’t KnowIf you’re low on cash but still want to get a decent Jeep, the Patriot has got you covered. In fact, it’s the 2nd-cheapest Jeep nameplate to ever hit the dealerships. True, the Renegade is the least expensive model, but it’s a subcompact. A brand-new Patriot will cost you +/- 18K (that’s US dollars); a used SUV will be available for half the price, or even less.

#2: Maintenance is simple and cheap

This is one of those rough-tough vehicles that almost don’t require any maintenance. That’s mostly thanks to the dependable Jeep foundation that it was built on. The engine, the suspension, the braking system, and the wheels last for a very long time. All you’ll have to do is run regular diagnostics (like twice a year or so) to make sure everything’s working smoothly.

#3: Insurance won’t cost you a Pretty Penny

Again, the Patriot is quite affordable, and together with the low ownership cost, that results in cheap insurance.

#4: Available in Different Configurations

10 Things About the Jeep Patriot You Didn’t KnowDid you know that Jeep offers three different trim levels to choose from? Those include Sport, Latitude, and Limited, with lots of different layouts, four engines, and three transmissions at your disposal. Sadly, the navigation system leaves a lot to be desired. So, you might want to invest in the Best Jeep Patriot Radio Gps for added safety and peace of mind.

#5: Impressive Capabilities

Jeeps have off-roading in their DNA, and this is very much true for the Patriot. As I just mentioned, it’s available in different configurations, and if you want the best performance on rough terrain, go with the Freedom Drive II system: it’s got a CVT transmission paired to a powerful motor.

#6: Jeep-Level Versatility

Most drivers are looking for a flexible vehicle that’s equally good for off-roading and regular commutes. Well, you’ll get exactly that with the Patriot. It handles highways and city roads easily and doesn’t feel awkward or bulky on “civilized” routes, which can’t be said about most SUVs.

#7: Excellent Fuel Efficiency

10 Things About the Jeep Patriot You Didn’t KnowYes, it’s a compact crossover and is supposed to be efficient. Still, compared to most rivaling nameplates, the Patriot’s MPG (miles per gallon) ratio is very impressive. It will be able to cover up to 30 miles on one single gallon.

#8: Comfortable and Spacious

As far as the coziest compact crossovers go, the Patriot is right there among the best of the best. Both the front and the rear seats are spacious enough to accommodate taller-than-average folks. They’re comfortable, too, and you’ll get enough leg and headroom to enjoy a long ride.

#9: Straightforward Dashboard

Ease of use and intuitive controls are an integral part of any Jeep. With this SUV, you won’t get any market-leading extras like a killer touchscreen interface or the finest set of speakers. But, everything will be straightforward and easy to reach. For a lot of drivers, that’s more important.

#10: It’s discontinued

Well, it’s not even a pro, but rather an interesting fact. Jeep seized production of the Patriot back in 2017, along with the first-gen Compass. However, global sales were pretty good back then. In 2015, Jeep moved 118K units in the States, toping that with ~122K a year later.

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