Headlight Relay Location in Jeep

Jeep vehicles are some of the toughest and most reliable cars on the market, but just like any other car, they require regular maintenance. One crucial part of that maintenance is checking the headlight relay. The headlight relay is an electronic switch that controls the headlights’ power supply to ensure optimum lighting capability while driving in different conditions. Understanding where this component is located and how it works can help you diagnose problems or replace them as needed. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of headlight relay locations in Jeep vehicles, from the Jeep Wrangler to the Jeep Cherokee.

What Is a Headlight Relay?

Jeep Headlight Relay Location Guide A headlight relay in a Jeep is an electrical device used to control the headlights. It controls the amount of current that flows through the headlights and provides a more reliable connection than just wiring the headlight directly to the battery. This system allows for multiple headlight settings to adjust for low beam, high beam, or even fog lights.

The headlight relay provides additional protection between the battery and headlight bulbs by sending a signal from the switch to activate it. It helps prevent any damage due to excessive current draw or voltage spikes. The relay also ensures that only one set of headlights is illuminated at any given time, preventing them from coming on simultaneously when switching between low and high beams.

Headlight Relay Location in Different Models of Jeeps

Headlight relays can be in different spots on different Jeep models. Here is a breakdown of the most common locations for these parts:

Jeep Grand Cherokee: The headlight relay for the Grand Cherokee is typically found under the dash near the steering wheel, but it may vary depending on whether you have an older or newer model. It should be labeled as a “multifunction relay” and will usually have two pins that attach to the headlight switch and one pin that connects to a fuse box power source.

Jeep Liberty: The headlight relay in the Liberty is typically located behind the glove box, near where the left-side windshield wiper motor attaches to its bracket. Depending on your vehicle’s year and trim level, it may be underneath the driver-side kick panel or under-dash fuse panel.

Jeep Wrangler: The headlight relay in a Wrangler is usually found behind or underneath either the front fender, near where the battery cable connects to its bracket on one side, or near where a power distributor block is positioned on another side (depending on the year). It should be labeled as an “auxiliary fuse block” and typically has three pins connecting to the headlights switch, power source, and ground, respectively.

How to Replace a Headlight Relay

Jeep Headlight Relay Location Guide Replacing a headlight relay in a Jeep is a straightforward process that can help ensure optimal visibility during nighttime drives. Locate the vehicle’s fuse box, often found under the dashboard or in the engine compartment. Refer to the owner’s manual or an online guide for the exact location of the headlight relay within the fuse box. Once identified, carefully remove the old relay by gently pulling it out of its socket. Ensure the vehicle is turned off and the key is removed before proceeding.

Then, align the new headlight relay with the socket and firmly push it into place. Ensuring the new relay is compatible with your Jeep’s make and model is crucial. Once the relay is securely installed, reattach the removed covers or panels to access the fuse box. Turn on the headlights to verify that the new relay is functioning correctly. If the headlights illuminate as expected, the replacement process is successful. Also read about Best Led Headlights for Jeep to further enhance your vehicle’s lighting capabilities.


Headlight relays are essential to any Jeep vehicle, and understanding where these components are located can help you diagnose problems or replace them when needed. From the Jeep Wrangler to the Jeep Cherokee, each model has a different type of headlight relay, which must be properly installed to ensure optimal visibility during nighttime drives. Replacing a headlight relay in a Jeep is a straightforward process that can easily be done by referring to an online guide or owner’s manual for instructions. Ensuring that the new relay is compatible with the make and model of your Jeep is also essential for proper replacement and installation.

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