How to Install a Mopar Soft Top on a 2018 and up Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited

Today we’re taking a look and installing a Mopar OAM soft top on a 2018 Jeep Wrangler jo unlimited, regardless of whether you buy your soft top afterwards or a Wrangler with a double-top group. Before the top of your Jeep can be attached, you need to do some assembly work and purchase the best Cleaner for Jeep Soft Top.

So, you can now start the installation process, it might look a bit intimidating with a lot of pieces and parts, it really isn’t unless you stay organized, there are only a few parts that we now have to assemble.

Installation Process

  1. Installation Process1 Now you get a couple of brackets and hardware that have to be screwed to both the tub and the sports bar of the jeep. But before we can install the convertible top, you also get your door panels. You get one for each side of the jeep, one for the left, for the right and these door frames consist of three main components, so if you get a part there that is installed over the front doors, a part that is installed over the rear doors, and then a C-pillar part that connects to the rear door part to the body pan, we of course still have some hardware to assemble that.
  2. Then finally at the very bottom at the end we have our tailgate retaining strip for our soft top rear window and the first thing we need to do is to assemble our door panel. We’ll start with the passenger side, let’s turn this upside down, make a little room, they’re labeled but an easy way to see that here are the correct pieces mated together when you have that large piece of door paneling that’s installed over the tailgate with that kind of dogleg hanging down here in the back and the C-pillar with that little dogleg down.

Installation Process2Now you can complete the entire assembly and installation process with the tool kit that came with your Wrangler from the factory, and for this we will use both the t40 Torx bit and the t-50 Torx bit and the socket wrench. If you don’t have this tool kit on hand, you can use tools of your choice when you have a t40 and an at -50 torx bit, so grab the gasket that’s between the two halves of the door surround. Now there is a pin on the underside of the door that brings the gasket into the lower part, there is also this space that attaches to the lower part of the door panel with this tenon. When you install this, make sure both sides of that door seal or the outside of your door panel don’t get crushed and then grab two washers in your t40 torx bit and attach these two halves of the door assembly together.

  1. Installation Process3After that turn that around and double check that your seal is sits properly, it won’t pinch and then put that aside and grab the door panel for the driver’s side of your Wrangler. Grab your gasket and orient it in the right direction and make sure the gasket fits right there, two halves fit on top and then secure it with the shoulder screws and washers.

Go ahead and flip that over and check that the gasket now looks good all-around. So, screw them to the Jeep, screw a couple of brackets to your body pan and the sports bar of your Wrangler Belt rail. The bigger screw that uses the t-50 torx bit that looks exactly like the screws you took out of your hardtop, swap out your bit and now just screw it in when the seasons change. Also read about what you need to know before buying a Jeep soft top.

  1. Installation Process4 Now you can switch back to your t40 torx bit and the next bit holder, which you actually attach to the sport bar. You can just grab it and pull it towards the center of the vehicle. Then grab this plate, they’ll be marked with an arrow on the right and left and top, and there are two locating pins here that will even help you locate them to position on the sports bar. You will reinstall your hardtop later. Just snap the other two screw brackets and let them bolt on the other side./p>

Next, install the door panels over either side of the vehicle. Go to the bottom of the notch strip, grab two of the long screws and your t40 torx screwdriver and this piece will just sit. Make sure you stick both ends of it in those countersunk pieces in the weather seal and there are two notches on the bottom that actually fall into the holes on top of the sports bar.

  1. Installation Process5 You need to install the other side. Grab the canopy, if you look out on this mechanism here, there is a socket head screw. Then grab a friend, so you can lift this now, and once you put it on the jeep, remove two straps, you can let the outer arms hang down, lift the inner arm up until the bolt properly engages the bracket. Then grab your remaining hardware and your t40 torx bit and attach the hood here to the bracket. Pull the locking tab back. Make sure the clip is properly locked. Now remove the protective cover from the rest of the canopy. Just exert a little downward pressure on the hood. You can release the two locking mechanisms.

Best Tips

Now you know one of the best things about the new soft top in prison. The fact that all the top zips have been omitted. So, if you’ve had a Wrangler in the past you may be used to zippers on the rear windows that you will likely need to practice a few times until you get the hang of it, but here’s a gutter at the top of the window. There are two Velcro straps that secure your way down and on the back edge of the window this plastic bracket will snap into place with another piece of plastic on top of the top and this tab will snap into this pocket on the bracket that we put into the body of the Jeep screw.

Now insert the other side and go to the rear window. Slide the window across and attach the tailgate support rod to the window and align that, so that this weatherstrip will be on the back of this window. And then you finally have two more plastic strips on each side of the window.

That’s It!

If you do it in warmer temperatures, either inside the garage or outside in the sun when it’s a little colder outside, it will be difficult to stretch this fabric. If you want to get more information or buy a Mopar canopy for your Wrangler check out this website for more Jeep related articles. If you have any comments or questions about the convertible top or its installation, you can leave them for me below. Drive safely!

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