How to Properly Adjust Your New Jeep Headlights

How To Properly Adjust Your New Jeep Headlights

The Jeep Wrangler is a vehicle that has been known to be used for many different purposes. It has seen everything from off-roading in the desert, to being an everyday commuter car. With so many different uses, it’s no surprise that people have come up with new ways to customize their vehicles – one of those ways is changing out the headlights!

Headlights are often changed because they need to be replaced or just want a more custom look. Whatever your reason may be, you will need to know how to properly adjust them once they are installed.

Adjusting your new Jeep headlights is a necessary and important step to ensure that you will be able to see well at night. Headlights are crucial for visibility, especially in some areas where the roads can be narrow and dark.

Headlight adjustment is different for each make and model of vehicles, but the basic idea is that you want to adjust your headlights so that they shine How To Properly Adjust Your New Jeep Headlightsat least a few hundred feet in front of you on the road. Different models may have slightly different requirements as well.

How to Adjust Your Jeep JK Headlights:

For adjusting Jeep Wrangler JK headlight, first off, turn both headlight knobs around in opposite directions until you get the desired light intensity level that you want. Next, make sure that both daytime running lamps are ON (this usually requires pushing down one side of each DRL dial). Check over everything again to ensure it looks correct before going back out onto the street. Then walk around to see how it looks from different angles of view and adjust again. And voila – now you have bright new headlights! It may be hard at first to do it yourself but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to adjust your headlights with ease!

*Note: If at any time during this process something doesn’t look correct, turn off both lights before making adjustments.

How to Adjust Jeep TJ Headlights:

How To Properly Adjust Your New Jeep HeadlightsRemove the plastic cover from underneath your headlight and use an Allen wrench to loosen the two screws in front of it. This will allow you access behind where your bulb is located (this may require that you get out of your car).

While standing outside of vehicle, carefully maneuver the headlight assembly up and down until you find a position that will allow it to be clear of any obstacles on the ground. Once found, tighten bolts back in place with an Allen wrench or socket extension for safety reasons (it is recommended not to use your hands).

Walk around exterior of vehicle and inspect that new light angle by walking alongside the length of each side of your Jeep TJ Headlights.


Adjusting the headlights on your Jeep is a simple task that requires little more than turning two plastic knobs. There are many benefits to adjusting them yourself, including: saving money (Jeep dealerships often charge up to $200 for this service), maximizing safety and visibility by aiming the lights at what you need to see, and reducing confusion from having different headlight settings in front of you side-by-side when driving with someone else who has their own set of lights on their car.

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