How to Change Wiper Blades on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

This article will discuss how to change wiper blades on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Wipers are an important safety feature that needs proper maintenance just like any other car part. In this article, we will show how easy changing jeep Grand Cherokee wiper blades are.

You’ll need the following tools: jeep grand Cherokee, Phillips head screwdriver, wrench, and wiper blades. This is a relatively easy task that should take you less than fifteen minutes!

Replacing wiper blades on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

In order to change jeep grand Cherokee wiper blades, you must first buy new wipers. The next step is to open the hood of your jeep and take out the old wiper blade by hand or with pliers (depending on make).

To start, find wiper blades that fit your Jeep Grand Cherokee. It’s worth noting that the wiper blades on jeeps are usually located in different locations than other vehicles so keep this in mind while you’re shopping for parts. Be sure to check your jeep’s manual if you don’t want to guess and make an expensive mistake!

Removing the old set

Removing the old setRemove the old set of windshield wipers by loosening the screw on top and bottom with a Phillips head screwdriver. So, remove the screws holding the blade onto the arm of the jeep with either a Phillips head screwdriver or wrench depending on how tight they are. This will take some time but just be patient – it’ll come off eventually! After removing all of these screws, inspect them completely before throwing them away (they might not look like much now but trust us – we’ve been in some jeeps where we’ve had to hunt for a screw that was lost and ended up causing an expensive repair).

Once the screws have been removed, remove the wiper blade by pulling it from the jeep arm. Inspect your old blades – this is when you’ll want to test them out to see if they’re still functional (if not, throw them away!).


Once taken off, put in the new one by either holding it up against where it should go from inside the jeeping opening or have someone else hold it while you position yourself outside.

InstallationInstall the new set of jeep wiper blades on the jeep arm by twisting them into place. Make sure to tighten the screws securely with either a Phillips head screwdriver or wrench so they don’t come loose while you’re driving!

Once your new jeep grand Cherokee wiper blades are on, tighten each of these screws with either a Phillips head screwdriver or wrench until they can’t be tightened anymore! Remember – tight enough but not too tight because that’s just a waste of time and money.

Afterward, close the hood and test wipe for functionality before driving away!

Congratulations, your jeeps now have new wipers and should be good for another six months of use at least (depending on how often you drive)!

Final words

Jeep wiper blades should be changed every six months to maintain the jeep’s safety and functionality. They’ll cost about $30-$50 a piece so it’s worth the investment!

It is important that jeep owners research what type of wipers are appropriate for their vehicle (depending on make, model, year) prior to replacing them, or else they may end up with an expensive mistake.

In this article, we discussed how easy changing jeep Grand Cherokee wiper blades are – it should take you less than fifteen minutes if done correctly!

We hope this was informative and helped change your jeep grand Cherokee wipers like a pro!

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