How to Fix Jeep Liberty Window Off Track

How to Fix Jeep Liberty Window Off Track

Do you know what’s holding the windows in any modern-day car? It’s the track, of course. Located right behind the sills, it makes sure the glass is always nice and secure. It’s this mechanism that allows opening and closing the windows without scratching the surface. But what if the window is stuck and doesn’t want to move no matter what you do? What if it’s not aligned properly?

Well, if the tiny electric motor in your Jeep is doing fine and the hand crank is in a decent shape, that means we’re dealing with an off-track window. How does one fix this annoying issue? The solution is pretty simple. But, it does take a while and requires patience on your side. Ready to get the Liberty window(s) back on track? Let’s dive in!

Step #1: Getting Started

This is one of the cheapest DIY guides out there! All you’ll need to go through with it is a screwdriver (to remove the panels), a ratchet, and a voltmeter (available for $20-30). Plus, don’t forget to buy some adhesive for the window and a lubricant for the rollers and tracks. Oh, and if you’ve got a set of work gloves in the garage, go ahead and put them on for safety. That’s pretty much it!

Mechanics do charge quite a lot for this service, though; and, they take a long time to fix the off-track issue. So, if we get this right, that will save you big bucks! Now, before you start with the door panel, don’t forget to check the engine – it shouldn’t be on! Just park the Jeep and turn the ignition off. Also, it would be a good idea to shut down the battery. This is done by detaching the negative terminal to avoid any electrical issues.

Step #2: Removing the Door Panel

The panel is secured by a set of screws and bolts – they need to be taken off. Grab the screwdriver and the wrench. Sometimes, the fasteners tend to be incredibly tight and almost impossible to handle by hand. In that case, a power tool will come to aid. The Liberty has pretty standard panels which shouldn’t be hard to locate and remove. For this to work, you’ll probably have to get rid of the control switch and crank handle as well.

Again, most Jeeps are pretty simple in design and you’ll be able to remove all these accessories with basic tools, nothing fancy. Ok, now we can finally get to the door panel. It won’t come off just like that, though: slide a thin, yet sturdy tool under the edge. Next, push gently from different sides; if you do this right, the panel will literally pop off. If you see wires, unplug them.

Step #3: Diagnosing the Window Track

If the track is broken or just worn out, that will prevent the window from going up and down. Do you see any traces of rust here and there? White lithium lube should deal with that nicely. Use the same formula that you would on the Windshield Wipers for Jeep Liberty. And what if the track is bent? Well, try to fix that by hitting it gently with something sturdy (like the back of a screwdriver or wrench).

Did you know that the window is held in place by glue? That’s right! So, if you feel like the track is way too dry, adding a few drops of an adhesive should solve the issue. Nothing seems to be helping? Sadly, that means a replacement is in order. On average, brand-new regulators and window motors cost 150-300 US dollars each.

Step #4: Inspecting the Motor

This mechanism is practically what’s making the window move. Go ahead and inspect it for any signs of damage. If the physical condition is decent, use a voltmeter to figure out what’s causing the trouble. Connect it to the motor (the terminals) and check the display: are the readings in the +12/-12 range? That means the motor is working fine. I would also recommend changing the fuse to be sure.

And don’t forget about the wires: they might be loose. Take some time to check them for wear and tear. The tricky part about the wires: you won’t be able to buy a standard replacement from the closest hardware store and make it work, even if you get the gauge right. Instead, find wires that were specifically designed for the Liberty SUV. These will cost anywhere between 10 to 55 bucks.

Step #5: Fixing the Glass

Ok, now it’s time for us to try and realign the glass. For that, we need to slide it to the very bottom of the so-called window channel. This can be done with one single hand: push it as far down as the frame allows you to. If the channel presents a challenge, use the other hand to move the lower edge of the glass. A thin knife will also be helpful in this situation.

The idea here is to keep moving the glass until it’s perfectly aligned with the track. If you see that the window track is slightly pinched, adjust the window to fix that. Now the window should be sitting exactly where it belongs. In the newer Liberty models, you won’t have to remove any screws or bolts for that. This is important: after aligning the glass with the track, check on the motor real quick to make sure it’s not off.

Finishing up, apply the lubricant from earlier on the track and the rollers. Before that, use a thin brush to remove any dust and dirt that might be in there. That’s it! Carefully reattach and reconnect all the mechanisms that you removed and give the fixed window track a try. Enjoy the road with the wind in your face, and drive safely!

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