How to Remove the Hardtop from your Jeep Wrangler JK

Today I’m going to show you how to take off your top. You know if you’ve owned your Wrangler for a while or if you drive it with a hard top, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Today I’m going to show you how easy it is to remove the Jeep Hardtop. Alright, let’s start!


You will need a few tools such as a t40 torx bit and a socket wrench. A hardtop is large and for this job, you need a friend to help you lift that off or a hardtop lift. Now as I mentioned earlier, you will need a few tools. When you have a latest generation jeep, that was nice enough to take this handy little tool kit that comes with a pair of socket wrenches that you’ll need. If you don’t have this kit, don’t worry, get yourself a good torx bit socket wrench set and a socket wrench.


  • Step 1If you look at your Jeep, there are some differences. There are those two screws at the very front, once you remove your Freedom Panels from the top the process is the same whether it’s a two-door or a four-door. If you have a Ford, or if you remove those freedom plates, there will be two screws hidden underneath in a two door, those screws are not there. If you move to the back of the hardtop, you will find three more screws on each side and finally an electrical connector and wash your fluid connection. You need to remove the freedom panel. Then start with the two screws that are underneath the panel are hidden, are now there on our four-door. If you have a takeaway Wrangler, you can skip this step as these screws are not present. But try to use your t40 torx bit and socket wrench and remove those screws.
  • Step 3.4Now, if you have a 2012 Wrangler Jeep, your new Wrangler Jeep has a really handy storage space back there, where you can store all of your hardtop. Now you can remove the three screws on each side of the hardtop. As you remove those screws, you will notice the four silver alignment pins installed in your hood. These pins are now there to position the hardtop in the correct position on your Wranglers body, while these pins do. They don’t need to be removed, you need to be aware of them as you lift the hardtop up and off the body of the Jeep, and now as the final step you need to disconnect the electrical harness and washer fluid hose at the back of the vehicle. So, you can start by removing the red locking connector, press the tab and pull the harness down and push the elongated one connector on the washer fluid hose and pull straight down to disconnect.
  • Step 8Once you have everything disconnected, you can remove the hardtop from your Jeep. Now that you have taken the time to install a hardtop jack in your garage, this is not only a convenient way to make removing your hardtop easier, it is also a great place to store your hardtop. Remember you need to take care of these four alignment pins by lifting the hardtop, then you can go back and close the tailgate glass, so the hardtop is properly seated on your hardtop cart, and then you can lift the hardtop off now. When you reinstall your hardtop, it is in the correct position on the jeep, so you can reinstall the screws and that’s all you really need to take the hardtop off. And that’s all! Drive safely!

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