How to Replace Windshield Wipers on Jeep Liberty?

Windshield wipers are an important part of any car. They keep the glass clean and make it easier to see out of your jeep liberty. If you want to know how to replace windshield wipers on jeep liberty, read this article!

If your jeep liberty windshield wipers are old and worn, you may want to consider replacing them. If they start to streak or smear the glass, then it’s time for a new set. Replacing jeep Liberty windshield wipers is an easy task that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes!

What tools you need for jeep liberty windshield wipers replacement:

  • jeep liberty replacement windshield wipers
  • ratchet, extensions, and sockets with a variety of sizes
  • screwdriver (a Philips head is ideal)
  • ground support for the jeep Liberty

Step-by-step replacement process

Step-by-step replacement process#2#1 The first step to jeep liberty windshield wipers replacement is getting ready. Park on level ground or driveway so that you’re working from a stable surface. Make sure your jeep has been turned off for at least 15 minutes before beginning work. Gather all necessary tools in one place and remove any obstacles that may be in the way such as air freshener bottles or other fragile objects!

#2 Start by removing the old wiper blades from their mounts using either an extension bar/ratchet combination or simply taking them out by hand, being careful not to break them. Be extra careful when taking these out as it is easy for them to snap in two!

Step-by-step replacement process#3#3 The jeep Liberty windshield wipers mounts should be at the bottom of the jeep on either side of the glass and you’ll want to remove any screws from these before pulling out your old blades! Make sure that all screws are replaced after removing the old jeep’s window blade holders.

#4 Replace jeep liberty wiper blade by screwing in new ones into their respective slots. Be sure that they’re securely fastened so that they won’t loosen over time! Reinstall the flexible connector clips (elbows) for each new jeep liberty replacement windshield wipers or install a new set if necessary. Snap it back onto its mount brackets, then reattach both with screws.

#5 If there’s an issue where one jeep legacy wiper is skipping across the window, it may be because the jeep liberty windshield wipers are not properly adjusted. To fix this, turn one blade just enough so that it’s in contact with the jeep Liberty window. Try to adjust both blades equally if you’re having issues where they don’t appear even!

If you have any problems installing your jeep wiper blades and need help call a professional jeeps mechanic!

Final words

Before you replace the wipers on your Jeep Liberty, try cleaning them. It’s not a difficult process, but it will save you money. If cleaning your Jeep Liberty wipers doesn’t fix the problem, then proceed to replace them. This process is not complicated and we have described it in detail in our article, which we hope was useful to you. We look forward to your comments below. All the best!

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