How to Use a Floor Jack to Change a Tire on Your Jeep

How to Use a Floor Jack to Change a Tire on Your Jeep

If you use your Jeep as a daily driver, then you need to know how to use a floor jack. Here are some steps on how to use the most common type of automotive jack: the floor jack.

There are many tools you can use to change a tire on your Jeep, but the floor jack is one of the most common. If you use your car as a daily driver then it’s recommended that you know how to use this tool in case of an emergency or needed repair!

With these few steps and with just about any other tool required for changing tires (wrench, ratchet set), anyone will be able to use their floor jack safely and confidently after reading this article!

How to use a floor jack to change a tire on your Jeep Step #1: Use the floor jack to lift up your car. The first thing you need to do is use the floor jack and place it under the jacking point in front of or behind either axle. Then, use the hydraulic hand pump to raise the vehicle so that you are able to remove one side of the wheel from its position.

Step #2: Locate the spare tire and take it out of its place in the trunk.

Step #3: Remove the bolts that are holding on your flat tire with a wrench.

Next, use an appropriate sized socket wrench with an extension bar and break loose all lug nuts on that side of the vehicle’s wheel. Now that they’re loosened, use a good quality ratchet and socket set equipped with deep good sockets (16mm) for this job if possible, as it will make things go much faster.

Use a lug wrench for loosening bolts on another side of the wheel. Once both sides are done, it’s time to change up! Use screws or brackets if necessary so that there is no slipping when you pull out an old tire and put in a new one.

Step #4: Take off your old, flat tire and put on the new one using lugs nuts.

How to use a floor jack to change a tire on your Jeep Now, use the socket wrench to screw on your lug nuts. Make sure you use a torque wrench if available and tighten them down according to the manufacture’s specifications (85ft-lb). Put that old tire into the spare wheel well. Take out some towels or blankets in case it spills over from the flat tire while removing it from its place under the car onto your floor mat.

Step #5: Put everything back together including putting down your car from jacking it up  with the floor jack.

Now we’re going to lower your vehicle back down so make sure there are no obstructions around where you have placed your jack before doing this! Once lowered, remove tools used for lifting up the vehicle and replace the gas cap. Congratulations – You just changed a tire with ease!

Step #6: Make sure all four tires have enough air pressure before driving away (about 30 PSI).


The use of a floor jack is an invaluable skill to have if you use your Jeep as a daily driver. It can be used for many things other than changing tires, including lifting heavy objects that tire jacks cannot do well like cars and trucks.

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