How to Replace Interior Lights Jeep Grand Cherokee

LED Bulbs for Jeeps: A Guarantee of Safety on The Road

LED car lamps increase the visibility and visibility of the car on the road, attracting the attention of oncoming traffic, even during daylight hours. In turn, this increases traffic safety. There are a variety of LED lamps for cars, made with the latest technology and the results of scientific research. In stores, every driver will find a large selection of different models of LED brake lights, which will help to increase the stopping distance on a fast track up to 6 km.

Moreover, such brake lights reach their full power much faster, unlike ordinary incandescent bulbs. These advantages have formed the basis for the position according to which, since 1996, every car in Europe must be equipped with LED brake lights repeater on a mandatory basis. However, in addition to replacing the inner bulbs in your car, it is also important to do an Exterior Lights Upgrade for Your Jeep.

How to Replace Interior Lights

Stage 1 – Removing your parking lights from your car

How to Replace Interior Lights1First, you need to get in the front seat of your car, and don’t forget to bring a replacement bulb into the passenger compartment right away. Then take a flat screwdriver and use it to detach the cover of the front light. You do not need it anymore so set it aside so it does not interfere with your work.

After that, gently pull out the old lamp from the cabin, but do not try to use a screwdriver so as not to damage the housing. Install a replacement LED bulb. However, I highly recommend you use the RL4410 LED bulb with a festoon base for the front and rear dome lights, as they provide unbeatable lighting. But before the next step, be sure and check that the front LED bulb works.

Stage 2 – Auto map light bulbs

After the first step, you now need to replace absolutely all of the bulbs in the auto’s interior. Do this in the same way as before. You can choose colors: blue, green, yellow or white.

  • Select one T10 bulb to illuminate the map.
  • Don’t forget to change the bulbs in the instrument cluster as well.
  • The T5 Neo Wedge Bulb is recommended for this component.
  • For the step bulb, I recommend the GE BA15S bulb.

Stage 3 – Maintain the brightness of the bulbs

How to Replace Interior LightsIt’s no secret that LED bulbs don’t come with specific instructions for their care, but you do need to replace them when they fail, but be sure not to touch the bulbs with your fingers. To do this, try to use cotton gloves while working to avoid getting oils on the bulb itself.

There is a nuance when replacing the tailgate parking light, which goes up. To do this, again, by picking up the trim with a screwdriver (no screws and bolts), remove it from the door body. Disconnect the wire going to the diode, and gently pick up the cup in which it is located with a screwdriver. Remove the diode from the cup and put a new one in its place.

That’s It!

Therefore, if a bulb burns out in the cabin, we don’t feel any discomfort as long as we simply don’t need this lighting. The Jeep Grand Cherokee interior has 8 bulbs that illuminate the vehicle from the inside. Replacing the bulbs on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, more specifically the LEDs, is pretty easy.

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