Best Speakers for Jeep Patriot Review and Buyer’s Guide

Best Speakers for Jeep Patriot

Statistically, high-quality speakers are one of the most popular upgrades among customization fans. The Patriot is an amazing SUV for off-roading, but it can’t really boast a top-notch Sound system, especially the earlier models. A new pair of speakers is capable of breathing new life into the somewhat boring interior. The best speakers for Jeep Patriot don’t cost or weigh much and usually come in pairs.

We believe that Rockford, JBL, and Infinity have some of the finest sets for the average on- and off-road drivers. They all have their strong sides and weaknesses, and during this review, we’ll talk about the pros, the cons, and everything else in between. Installation won’t take long, and they will fit the Patriot perfectly. So, are you ready to check out what our experts picked for you? Let’s dive right in then!


Buyer’s Guide

And now that we’ve checked out three outstanding sound systems for Jeep Patriot, it’s time to learn the ins and outs of picking the right speakers. This isn’t rocket science, of course, but you’ll still need to at least know the basics to make the right choice. We’ll go over build quality, RMS, dimensions, and the different types of speakers available on the market. After this short guide, you’ll feel like you’re a pro and be able to do your own shopping!

Build (Material) Quality

No matter how advanced and feature-packed any device is, the build quality is always a key factor. In the case of Jeep speakers, material quality has a direct impact not only on durability but also real-world performance. When it’s frosty outside, the interior gets cold. During the summer, the heat and moisture also affect the speakers. We’re talking about harsh or extreme weather conditions, of course, but they happen more often than you think.

Therefore, always check the material quality before committing to a set. Rubber is usually used as the surrounding material. Fiberglass, polypropylene, and silk for the cones are leading the market right now. Mostly, sturdy and lightweight materials are very durable and add to the sound quality.

Dimensions (Size)

Don’t ever do “blind shopping” for speakers, because you might purchase a pair that just won’t fit in your Jeep Patriot. We recommend carefully measuring the factory pair before doing any shopping. Don’t worry: most leading brands follow industry standards to keep their clients satisfied. That means even if you own a relatively older Jeep, it won’t be a problem to find good third-party speakers for it.

RMS (Power Handling)

To put it simply, the more power a speaker can take, the better. You won’t achieve a high enough sound quality unless you’re pumping 420 watts per set of speakers. This matters most when you replace the stock speakers but stick with the factory heads. To avoid distortion, always ensure that the speakers can “handle” the power that’s being fed from the heads. Otherwise, you’ll get a distortion or something worse.

Component vs. Full-Range

There are two types of speakers on the market right now. On one hand, we’ve got the full-range speakers. AKA the coaxial speakers, they are an all-in-one kind of a set, meaning all the separate components are built into one single speaker. The tweeters handle the highs, while the subwoofer is responsible for the lows. If you’re looking for easy installation, full-rangers will be a good choice.

On the other hand, there are the component speakers. As the name suggests, they are divided into standalone parts. That’s right: each component is made separately, and you’ll need a subwoofer for the bass (low frequencies). In this case, a so-called crossover is necessary to “feed” each speaker with the right frequencies. Compared to full-range speakers, component ones provide better sound quality.

The bad news is – they are harder to install and usually require a professional’s involvement. On our list, component speakers are represented by the Infinity pair. Rockford and JBL, in turn, are full-range (coaxial) speakers.

Best Speakers for Jeep Patriot (Updated July, 2024)

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Editor’s Choice

Rockford R169X2 6 x 9 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker, Set of 2

1) Rockford R169X2, Set of 2

  • Best Features:
    – High-quality silk dome tweeter and polypropylene cones
    – Catchy designthanks to the included grilles
    – Stamped steel basket
  • Fits Models: Jeep Patriot (2007–2017)
  • Midrange Size: 6″x9″
  • Frequency Response: 48Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance (Ohms): 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling (RMS): 420 watts per pair

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JBL Stage 9603 420W Max (140W RMS) 6 x 9 4 ohms Stage Series 3-Way Coaxial Car Audio Speakers

2) JBL Stage 9603 420W, Set of 2

  • Best Features:
    – PEI balanced tweeter
    – Decent low-frequency output for the price
    – Relatively affordable; excellent value
  • Fits Models: Jeep Patriot (2007–2017)
  • Midrange Size: 6″x9″
  • Frequency Response: 48Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance (Ohms): 4 Ohms
  • Power Handling (RMS): 420 watts per pair

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Infinity REF-9623ix 300W Max 6 x 9 3-Way Car Audio Speaker with Edge-Driven, Textile Tweeters

3) Infinity REF-9623ix 300W

  • Best Features:
    – Impressive bass response; great highs
    – Easy, straightforward installation
    – Top-quality fiberglass cones
  • Fits Models: Jeep Patriot (2007–2017)
  • Midrange Size: 6″x9″
  • Frequency Response: 48Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance (Ohms): 3 Ohms
  • Power Handling (RMS): 420 watts per pair

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New, trendy speakers aren’t a necessity, but rather a highly desirable upgrade. First of all, they dramatically improve the audio quality in the Jeep. And for someone who’s driving around at least a couple of hours a day, that will make the regular commutes so much more fun. Secondly, they look pretty “sick” and are capable of transforming the insides of a vehicle in the most positive way. Who doesn’t want an interior that looks and sounds cool?

If you’re on a tight budget and prefer something affordable, JBL will be a good investment. It is available in different configurations – choose the one(s) you like. Rockford can be a reasonable purchase as well, and it’s almost as cheap as the JBLs. Infinity’s set is quite expensive but will be money well spent. This company also offers several styles and variations. And if you want to do your own picking, refer to the Buyer’s Guide.

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