GPS for Off-Road Jeep: How to Use It

Hey guys, I’m Andy and for today’s article, I’ve gonna be talking about our GPS system and how I find out around the trail so stay tuned.

So if you’re like me you definitely need Best Gps for Off-Road Jeep on the trail. I’ve put a lot out, so I have a 9-point-seven-inch iPad to start with. I’m just a regular latest edition iPad, it’s not an iPad Pro or anything. I put it in an OtterBox Defender Series case that sits in a ram mount is an instruction for connecting seven design arms that I connected to our ROK card for the roll cage.

So the iPad I have is a Wi-Fi iPad only so I had to get a separate GPS unit so that I could use the Daiya app so I just got the GPS device I got and it’s basically just Bluetooth for the iPad and so I turn it on it runs for about six to eight hours and I made good use of it. So far I got it on signaling and it works really.

Some useful options

Some useful optionsI can give you some details about the app show, so this is the GPS receiver I just got. It connects to iOS and Android devices, just via Bluetooth to the iPad. I always have a GPS signal great for use on the trail so far and as I said, it runs for about six to eight hours on a full charge.

But now let’s just go ahead and go to the app. This is the GPS system I am using so I just pay an annual subscription for it has a ton of great features. I won’t go over all of those features in this article just for the sake of time.

I’ve going to show you some of the highlights and some of the things I use just to start the button in the left corner so you can record a track here when you go to record your tracks, but it records your life too, your longitude, your current speed and up here, your total distance, your pace, all the good things. It even tells you when the sunrise and sunset are what I think it’s a pretty great option.


In the little menu, the button Explore and show you just a few hiking trails nearby, be it hiking or off-road trails, that you might want to meet in person. This is pretty cool just to see and see what else is around you so that you can have a little more time saying there is something else you want to do.


ZoomThe next option is the “Save” button and these are just the tracks that I personally ran and that I have saved in our system. So that when I pull the map back up or I go back out I can see where I have been and I can just follow this trail and meet them again. All the good stuff so you can zoom back in on the map and get started.


I’m just looking at the map and that’s the map background I love to use just because I can zoom in and see things, but there is a lot of different maps overlays that you have your choice of you have the type that does the mat opens the national map you have a couple of different satellite maps to choose from this is just the one I like to use personally just because I like the look.

Download the maps

In the next option, you can add different things, you can add a waypoint. Each time I download the maps. I have already downloaded and so I can see when I am on my way when I’ve not if you haven’t.

Download the mapsIf you don’t download them in front of you when you zoom in, the trail is possible to turn out a little blurry that I don’t want to get out and then get stuck on the trail and in that situation so you can easily resize it however you like. Even when I’m on the trail and don’t have really good reception or cell phone service, I can zoom in and still see the trails as clearly as on the first day pretty clear, about the trails, that works great.

Take a closer look at this for yourself, but I just wanted to highlight some of the things I use every time I drive. In this article, I should tell you a little bit about the GPS system I use in my Jeep, which I absolutely need. That definitely helps a good bit.

So as always thanks for stopping by, thank you for reading our article, if you have any questions, just leave us a comment below.

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