How To: Install and Pretension a Synthetic Winch Rope

How To_ Install and Pretension a Synthetic Winch Rope

Hey drivers! Today I’ll answer the question how I properly install and preload my new 10000 Pound Winch rope. So today I have two Jeeps to walk you through the steps of proper setup. Alright, let’s come to the following steps!


How To Install and Pretension a Synthetic Winch RopeYou can also practice your new Q-Series winch well to practice using your winch in a safe, controlled environment so that you are familiar with it when you need them in a recovery situation. Every new Q-Series winch comes with a detailed self-recovery winch operation guide that outlines all of the steps you will be following today. The Quadro Tech winch accessory kit contains everything you need to be safe. Use of your winch, including gloves, D-rings, a winch cable damper, and straps.

Installation and Pretension

  1. The first step with any Q-Series synthetic 10000 Pound Winch is to completely remove the winch cable from the winch. As the deluxe winch hook I come with the plastic rope is too big to fit through the narrow opening of an enemy carriage, you can then lead the other end back through the cable guide and fasten it back to the drum with the anchor bolt of the winch. It is very important to note that these screws are only used to secure the rope to the drum as you start the pretensioning process, this is the same for plastic and steel ropes.

  2. Next, you attach the winch remote to the winch solenoid and tighten it securely, then you move the clutch handle from the free spool to the locked position when you operate your winch. Your Jeeps engine should always be running so that you do not drain the battery when handling a winch rope. You should always wear protective gloves. Start by bunching the rope back onto the winch under hand tension for the first five to six wraps around the drum, too, you’ll want to make sure you keep your winter hand open and don’t let it slip through your hand as you wind the rope. Make sure that your hand is a safe distance from the drum. Then you need to tension the winch rope about five hundred pounds to stretch it evenly.

Test on a Jeep

Now you can use a Jeep as an anchor point to attach the winch line to it by putting the Jeep in neutral and pulling it up a slight incline. You can give the 500 pounds of tension you need right now, if this is a real recovery situation the safest place for you would be in a Jeep for this operation. It is best practice to use a winch rope damper or other suitable heavy blanket just in the unlikely event that the winch rope was about to snap or disconnect. After that just follow these steps:

  • Stop when it’s about 10 feet.
  • Rope left over the length of the winch cable.
  • Pull the Jeep forward a few feet to relieve the tension on the winch rope, then put the Jeep in the park position and set the emergency brake, attach the winch hook strap and finish.
  • You winding the rope onto the winch by holding the hook strap in your hand and keeping the rope taut while running the rest of the line towards the trowel to avoid serious injury.
  • Hold the hook on the hook strap.
  • Keep your fingers off the hook.

Well, guys, that’s it! Agree that it’s not as difficult as it first seemed. So I hope this article was useful to you. Have a great trip!

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