What are the Options for Car Alarm?

What are the Options for Car Alarm

Thanks to fierce competition on the market, the average Jeep driver can buy a decent car alarm system for cheap and enjoy enhanced security. But which Theft Protection solutions will be worth your investment in 2021? That’s right: there are different types of alarms out there, and they all have their pros and cons. So, join me, and let’s take a closer look at each one to find the winner of this competition.

You’ve got audible, silent, passive/active, GPS, and other types of anti-theft/alarm systems available at a reasonable price. Most of them are also pretty easy to install, which is great news. Alright, without further ado, let’s start our search for the Best Alarm System for Jeep, shall we?

#1: Audible

What are the Options for Car Alarm?These are the ones that most vehicles come with pre-installed. The driver gets a panic button on the key fob, and that’s about it. I bet you’ve already seen flashing lights or horn-type sounds that repeat in a pattern. They are rather effective against carjackers because of how much attention they attract. On the downside, any piece of rock, a fallen tree branch, or an animal can set them off.

#2: Silent

When a thief tries to break into your Jeep, you get an alarm message – that’s how the silent system works. While the lack of a loud sound or blinking lights may be considered a con by some folks, the fact that this alarm is silent allows you (or, rather, the cops) to catch the robber(s) off-guard. By the way, some advanced silent alarms automatically notify the local police department of potential car theft in progress.

#3: Passive vs. Active

This next type automatically engages when the vehicle’s engine is shut off and the doors are locked. To deactivate it, simply open the doors. In contrast, active alarms only “come to life” when you manually activate them. This means that after you turn the Jeep off and close the doors, the alarm won’t be powered up on its own.

#4: GPS

What are the Options for Car Alarm?Just like the name suggests, GPS alarms can be of great help at tracking down stolen vehicles. If you’ve got an alarm system like that, it will be very easy to locate your car and, in most cases, the thieves as well.

#5: Remove Start and Immobilizing

Yep, you guessed it: a remote-start alarm system allows igniting the car’s engine from a distance. Say, it’s really cold outside, and you need to warm up the motor. You can do that without leaving the house. And what about the immobilizing system – what’s it all about? With it active, the vehicle simply won’t start unless the key is near it. This is one of the most effective alarm systems on the market.

#6: Two-Way Paging

What are the Options for Car Alarm?It’s very important to have immediate communication with the vehicle, and that’s possible with the two-way remote paging. For example, when you lock the doors, start the car, or do anything else remotely, you immediately receive a confirmation. Usually, it’s a sound signal or a message on the LED. And whenever someone sets off the alarm, you – the owner of the vehicle – get an instant notification.

Right now, the market is mostly dominated by two-way paging alarm systems. They’re relatively cheap, reliable, and allow you to always stay on top of things. It’s even possible to connect this system to your Smartphone or laptop so that you can communicate with the car using the mobile device of your choosing.

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