How to Install Bull Bar on Jeep

What is a bull bar? A bull bar is a protective device that attaches to the front of your Jeep’s bumper. They are typically made from tubular steel, but can also be made of aluminum or other materials. A bull bar protects the front of your Jeep from oncoming traffic and other objects that can harm it. It also improves the aesthetics of your vehicle by giving it a tougher look.

If you are looking for a way to increase the safety of your Jeep (especially if it is off-road), installing bull bars may be right for you. They are relatively simple and inexpensive modifications that can add an extra layer of protection in case something happens. You will need basic tools, about two hours time, and some patience as well!

Steps to Install Bull Bar on Jeep:

  • On Wrangler models, remove two bolts from each side of front bumper with an impact gun or wrench and set aside. This will allow you to raise it up enough that you will be able to remove the bumper completely.

  • On Cherokee models, use a screwdriver or other tool that won’t scratch your car and loosen one of the bolts on each side holding the front bumper onto its frame. This should allow you enough slack so that you can raise it up just high enough for removal without removing any additional bolts.

  • How to Install Bull Bar on JeepRemove the front bumper and set it aside. You may need to remove some additional bolts or fasteners before you are able to fully remove the bumper from your vehicle. Keep track of any bolts that were removed so they can be replaced later on when installing new parts.

  • If there is a factory tow hook behind where the bumper was, remove it with the assistance of a wrench.

  • Install your bull bar to replace the front bumper on your Jeep and reattach any bolts or fasteners that were secured earlier when you removed the factory tow hook. You may need someone else’s help for this part. The installation process should be very similar if not identical to how you removed the factory bumper.

  • After you have reattached all bolts, tighten them with an impact gun or wrench and lower your Jeep’s front end back down to restore it to its original position. This will require some additional time in order for the nuts and bolts around the perimeter of your bull bar to properly fasten themselves again so be patient and don’t force them.

  • Once you have finished lowering your Jeep’s front end back down, attach the two bolts to each side of the bumper on Wrangler models or one bolt to each side on Cherokee models with an impact gun or wrench. If there are any parts that need fastening in place before reattaching the bumper, do so now.

  • Reattach your front bumper if it was removed earlier and tighten the bolts with an impact gun or wrench to secure them in place as well. This will also require some time for different parts of the replacement part (bull bar) to properly fasten themselves again so be patient and don’t force them.

  • After reattaching the front bumper and tightening all of its bolts, you are finished!

Special Note: Do not install bull bar if you have air bag suspension in your Jeep, as it can be dangerous. You should consult with an expert before installation.

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