How to Remove Your Jeep Wrangler JL Fender Flares

Today I’m going to show you how to remove the flared fenders from your 2018 or newer Jeep Wrangler Jael Oh God Academy. Here I’m tackling a job that many of you are likely to do at some point in the course of owning your 2010 or newer Jeep Wrangler Jael, whether you want to change the look of your Wrangler or if you want to fit bigger wheels and tires, you probably want a bit more headroom and one way to achieve that is of course to install a set of aftermarket Fender Flares for Jeep Wrangler. But before you can install them, you have to remove all of your factory fenders from your Jeep. So, let’s do that!

You’re going to be removing both the front and rear factory fenders from your 2019 Jeep Wrangler Jo Unlimited Sport, new 35-inch tires on this Jeep and a considerable amount of rubbing going on right there on those front bumper filler panels. It is the perfect time too while you’re in there working to get these out of the way, the chances are they likely won’t go very well with your new fenders. Now you are going to need a few tools to do this job.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared11. You need a panel to remove some snap fasteners inside the fender, you also need an 8-millimeter plug knuss, a 10-millimeter socket, a socket wrench, and a small extension come in handy. You can use an impact wrench just to speed up the process a little and then there are a couple of extra tools that might make the job a little easier. A magnetic one storage can be helpful for storing all of your fasteners around you, possibly a drill bit and a 5/16 drill bit. And of course, a flashlight can come in handy, especially when you can work there in the dark inner fender trim that first snaps the fastener right there up front on your inner fender trim.

2. Next, you can grab the 8-millimeter socket and your socket wrench and you have two fasteners that you need to remove from your inner fender trim there. They’re right behind your parking light on the fender, so you can grab your 10-millimeter socket and you actually have four fasteners that you need to remove.

Be Prepared23. Okay, now you have a second access through that hole in the fender and then you have two more on top of that inner fenders, one forward and one about halfway back. However, there may be an extra step depending on the new flares you are installing on your Wrangler. If you need to reuse that inner fender trim well, now is the perfect time to separate the inner fender from the outer fender by removing these eight drill out plastic rivets on the edge of your fender flares. To do this use your drill bit and your 5/16 ” bit. If your new fenders don’t require reusing that inner fender trim, you can skip this step.

4. Now that you’ve all drilled out your plastic rivets, you have six more snap fasteners that you need to remove, this will finally separate this inner liner from the outer light you have one at the very front right behind the marker light. Here you have three along the top edge and finally you have two further down the back of the light.

Be Prepared35. When you’ve got all the clips out of the way, you should be able to grab your inner fender and just pull an electric out of the way. If you pulled out the inner liner like, now you can unplug it by removing the red locking tab and unplugging the connector, if you left your inner fender in place you can unplug it after removing the fender from the body pulled away, just be aware that this connector is back there. You don’t want to strain or strain these cables as the fenders are now attached to the body of your Jeep with a series of plastic clips that run the length of the fender. There really is no other way to disconnect them than grabbing the fender and pulling it firmly. You will hear a lot of popping noises as you do it, which is fine, even if some of those clips break during removal. You won’t be reusing them with a set of aftermarket torches.

6. If for some reason you reinstall your factory torches, you may need to go ahead and order some replacement clips knowing how to stop putting this off, grab it and start over, that’s all you need.

7. Now get the torch up the front of your wrangler, so that you don’t scratch the paint, you can get the rest of the eclipse out of the way and with it you can wipe the fender of your Jeep well. And you are ready for the installation of our new extensions.

Rear Extensions

Rear ExtensionsYou need to remove our rear extensions. Now the rear fenders from RJL are even easier to remove than the front fenders, in fact they are just held in place with a series of plastic Christmas tree fasteners on the inner fender. Then of course the outer fender is also held to the body with these plastic clips, right like the front, from which you will separate your inner fender, the outer fender, because you will reuse it with the new widenings. Just start by removing these two Christmas tree attachments, one at the bottom front and one at the back at the bottom, if you are going to leave your inner fender trim attached to the outer fender, you can leave these in place and you just need the four Christmas tree attachments remove over the underside of the rear fender liner, with 2 additional items tucked away at the top there with those Christmas tree fasteners out.

You could remove the fender from the body, if you didn’t have to separate that inner fender, but since you’re going to separate it now, it’s a good time to grab your drill bit and drill out the same plastic rivets. Grab your goggle drill and get to that point. If you have any clips left on the body, grab your panel tool, snap them out of the way, you can go ahead and wipe the body of your Jeep.

That’s It!

If you have any comments or questions about removing your fenders, you can leave them for me in the comment section below. Well, you can get all the news from this website and much more only here! So, have a good day, guys.

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