Is Your Aftermarket Jeep Bumper Legal?

If you are a new or experienced Jeep owner, the chances are that you view your vehicles as unbreakable, unstoppable, and the most beautiful of all. However, at the very same time, you do not quit thinking about some fresh modifications that you can do with the help of modern Jeep equipment. One of the primary things that most owners opt for is bumper substitution. It is not that a stock bumper is terrible, it is just that aftermarket ones are a lot better. They are more durable, bulkier, more protective, and come equipped with a set of practical features that stock bumpers lack.

Just before you start browsing through countless Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers available on the market, we suggest that you stop for a while and think whether they are legal. The truth is that in Europe, owners who choose to modify their vehicles with a winch bumper are allowed to so as long as they find a seller to purchase it from. At the same time, bull-bars and A-bars are legal for buyers while may be illegal for distributors if the latter do not possess proper certification. If you’re considering steel bumpers, the question arises – are steel bumpers legal? It’s vital to check local regulations and standards, ensuring that any modifications align with safety and legal guidelines in your specific region.

So, if since we are talking the USA here, it should be pointed straight away that for the most part, steel bumpers are indeed legal. However, not within all the states. That is why, when you are deciding upon modifying your Jeep with a bumper, check it out whether it is allowed in your state and what are the precise requirements to the bumper, if any. Otherwise, you may end up being caught up in a pretty unpleasant situation.
We are going to have a closer look at some of the states’ requirements for you to get the point a little better:

  • Alabama – in the state, there are no particular restrictions to the bumper itself. However, there are specific requirements as to the reflectors.

  • Connecticut – the state authorities allow it to modify your Jeep with a steel bumper. However, you need to make sure that it is not higher than 30 inches above the ground or that you lift the vehicle in general, not more than 4 inches.

  • Georgia – you can get easily cited in the stated if your bumper is higher or lower by 2 inches when compared to the specifications provided by the manufacturer.

  • Indiana – in this state, the laws are mostly applied to the headlights, but you should keep in mind that the bumper is said to stay as close as 3 inches within that height that is considered to be a factory one.

  • Kentucky – some Jeep drivers may view the state as the perfect environment for Jeeping. The fact is that the state does present any restrictions as to the bumper’s height. All that is stated by the law is that you should keep it safe, that is about it.

  • Nevada – some say that the state has the strictest rules since the bumper height, no matter whether it is the front one or the rear bumper, should not exceed 24 inches.

  • Wyoming – when opposed to Nevada, in Wyoming, you can modify your Jeep as much as you see fit. The only requirement is to keep people safe and make sure that your vehicle is operating well.

To sum all up, it is safe to point out that generally speaking, Jeep aftermarket bumpers are legal almost everywhere. However, depending upon the state that you are going to use the vehicle most, there may be some minor details to pay attention to. Most importantly, you need to realize that when you modernize your Jeep to be a taught off-roader, it should be exploited on the roads that correspond to the modifications, thus off-roads rather than on-roads.

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