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How to Change the Oil in Jeep TJ 4.0L

Hi guys! Today we’re going to discuss how to change an Oil for Jeep 4.0L. Well, let’s start!

How to Change the Oil

1. First, choose a safe place, then take a small paper towel, so that nothing flies in or dust gets in there. Set it and do it, so that it releases the pressure a little and the oil drains a little better.

2How to Change the Oil2. Second, either use the oil drain plug or the oil filter. From above that is the oil filter, take them off their thing so you don’t need anything special, just needed to do the job position it down here so it’s down there. One thing I forgot to mention is that you need to warm up the Jeep a little, drive it and then drive back so the oil is nice and warm. Now you don’t want to warm it up where you know that you’re going to get burned.

3How to Change the Oil3. Then take it off slowly, it’s kind of coming out of the oils, so now tip it up, take it out, let that drain underneath and that will just spool so just got a drop on the exhaust. After that, clean the surface there, make sure that it is that nice and clean when you put the new filter on. You don’t know that you have it with a bunch of crap on it to make it look so nice and clean, so now when you take your filter off, make sure the gasket isn’t sticking to the motor and make sure it’s actually on the filter.

4. Actually, that’s neat glue there and it’s all right. That’s such a nice thing about owning a Jeep that you literally don’t have to jack it up, you can just crawl right under your Jeep. Okay, so five-eighths of 16 I think, five-eighths work a little bit tighter, so use five-eighths. Then just take it back there, do it by hand and you’ll see you are going to leak in a little there, so now it’s ready to bring it out, just work out quickly but that was pretty good, so just put the oil drain plug in and just let this oil drain.

4How to Change the OilSo, now you’re going to want to take your time with it, let it all drain, now it will drip for a while, but the more oil you can get out of the better. Well, now it has just a slow drop, so you can wait longer if you want to get all of this out. Make sure this area is clean, or when you put the drain plug back on, make sure this is clean, screw it back on. You can use the torque wrench if you want them to say anywhere between ten and twenty-five feet four pounds. Then use a monoid that is beautiful and gluten-proof.

5. The crank opens the oil and this helps by making sure your hands are nice and clean and the new filter ticks off the plastic. Now just prep the rubber seal with some oil, wipe the ED down, and make sure it’s clean, and then you just screw it on tight and get it with the four liters. It’s nice because you can put some nice torque on there with your hands, next, take the tool, just give it the extra. Please, be careful not to over-tighten, but obviously not too tight that it will leak.

That’s It!

Now you can start the Jeep, somehow let it build up the oil pressure, then drag it into the garage and then check the oil level as soon as it’s in, and then either add some oil or just leave it. If it’s perfect, let the oil circulate through the oil filter and just wait for all of the oil to flow back into the oil filter pan and you will hear how it goes back in there. If you turn it around, the oil level is right there. So, you’re perfect, and anyway folks I hope this article helped you and those who didn’t know how to do an oil change on your floor leader and your TJ or XJ or MJ. Well, drive safely!

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