Rebuilt Transmission Cost for Jeep – What to Expect

For Jeep owners, the idea of a rebuilt transmission can be daunting. Not only is the repair expensive, but it’s also a daunting challenge. Many Jeep owners face the decision: should I rebuild my transmission, or have it professionally done? It’s important to consider all options before deciding what will work best for you and your Jeep. The cost of rebuilding your transmission versus having it professionally done varies significantly and depends on what parts are needed and how much labor will be involved. In this article, we’ll explore the cost of rebuilding a transmission for Jeep vehicles and what you can expect from each option. We’ll also offer advice on how to save money when weighing either choice. Ultimately, this article aims to arm Jeep owners with all the information they need to decide about their transmission rebuild process.

Average Costs of Rebuilding a Transmission

Rebuilt Transmission Cost for Jeep - What to Expect The cost of rebuilding a transmission will depend on the type of Jeep you have, as well as the make and model. Generally, it can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 to have your transmission rebuilt. This cost includes both labor and parts. Labor costs for transmission rebuilding can range from $400-$700, depending on the shop or mechanic doing the work. If your Jeep is an older model, there might be additional labor involved in hunting down hard-to-find replacement parts, which could add to the total cost.

Parts costs for a transmission rebuild can range from $200-$1,500, depending on what brand and model of Jeep you have. Newer Jeeps may require more expensive parts than older cars, which will be reflected in your final bill. You may also need specialty tools such as specialty transmission rebuild kits or special reamers to complete the job correctly, adding more expense to the overall cost. Also read here, which is better transmission – Jeep Wrangler Manual or Automatic?

Additional Costs That May Be Involved

In addition to the cost of labor and parts, there are some additional costs that you may need to consider when rebuilding your transmission. These additional costs can include, but are not limited to:

  • Fluid replacements – If your transmission has old fluid that needs to be replaced, this will add cost to the total bill.

  • Diagnostic testing – Many shops will require a diagnostic test of the transmission before they start work on it to get an accurate assessment of what needs to be done. It could add an extra $100-200 to your total bill.

  • Disposal fees – Some shops may charge a disposal fee for disposing of any old parts or fluid from your vehicle after working on it.

  • Specialty tools or parts – If you need to purchase special tools or parts for the job, this could add an extra cost to your total bill.


Rebuilding your transmission is a big job and should not be taken lightly. Before deciding whether to seek professional help or attempt a rebuild on your own, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research. The cost of rebuilding a transmission for Jeep vehicles will vary significantly depending on the type of Jeep you have, as well as the make and model. Labor costs can range from $400-$700, while parts costs can range from $200-$1,500. In addition to labor and parts costs, there may be additional expenses involved, such as fluid replacements, diagnostic testing fees, disposal fees, and specialty tools or parts that may need to be purchased to complete the job correctly. Ultimately, Jeep owners should weigh all their options when considering a transmission rebuild to determine which option is best for their budget and vehicle.

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