How to Change Jeep Spark Plugs

What’s going on folks? Welcome back to Jeep Equipment! I’ve just done some maintenance on the jeep and was thinking why not bring you guys a step-by-step guide on how to change the spark plugs. This is definitely a job you could do with DIY at home with some basic tools, so without further ado, while I get all of the tools and supplies, take a moment and think twice, and get more how-to articles like this one.


Step#1So pro tip just before we start, when you lift the hood and put it back, you actually have a lot more accessible and it’s a lot easier to work. So I’ll put that back carefully and we will have all the space to get started.

Before you go make sure you remove the negative post on your battery. So the first thing we need to do is identify the six spark plugs that we are going to replace. Three of these are on the right side of the battery, the others are just three are actually under the inlet itself so we need to remove it.

The first thing we are going to do is remove the inlet and then remove the top part and then we can access all six spark plugs to remove them.


Step#2At the inlet, there are a couple of hoses and a sensor that you need to remove. Depending on whether you have an aftermarket inlet or a factory inlet. But once you undo this it’s basically just being held from the bottom so I’m going to undo this and take that off the throttle body and then the whole inlet should just lift up.

Underneath is the sensor and these are just song clips so that we can get that out of the way then you want to remove the two pipes at the top, they just slide out. There are two harnesses that pull one off at the top and one at the front as soon as Now that you’ve got these out of the way, there are four screws, two in the front and two in the back that need to be loosened.

There are some screws at the top and we can remove all of this completely four of these screws can be removed with a 10-millimeter ratchet.


Step#3On top of the intake manifold, there are seven bolts, six of them you can see the seventh is back on the other side so it’s a little harder to film but we have to remove all seven of those bolts and then lift the manifold so we can access the other three spark plugs. So that those seven screws can be removed with an 8mm or 5/8 socket wrench.


The time has finally come, now we have everything done and the last step is to remove it. With the intake manifold now removed, we can remove this foam and we will have access to all six spark plugs. You can see the three packs are there and the other three packs are right there.

Step#4But before we go any further, it’s important to make sure we cover those six holes because you don’t want anything to fall in there. I’m just using the cloth and just make it up and stick it in so we drop something it won’t go in there because that would be very very bad so make sure you do it, don’t skip this step.

There is a ten-millimeter bolt on top of each coil pack that needs to be removed. Comes right off then you want to remove your wiring harness and the package can come up to remove the spark book itself you want a 5/8 socket with a long extension. Your thing is going to loosen it and you should be able to unscrew it.

I’ll show you a trick if you don’t have a spark plug extractor, the one with the magnet below put it back on top of the spark plug, and then it comes straight up.


Step#5Before I put this new spark plug in, you can see the big difference between the old one I took out and the new one we’re going to make. When I put this in, it has a lifespan of about 40,000 miles so it’s time to do that.

Change spark plugs so we’re going to put these new ones in and we should be fine to get it out I’ll put it on the trunk and then I’ll put it in and just go. If you have a spark plug socket but you can’t plug it in, but this is a little trick. I will tighten this jack 5/8 and then you want to tighten it firmly put your package back on, screw it back on and plug it back in I will now do this on the other two spark plugs on this side.

Spark Plug ChangeSo we’ve just replaced those three spark plugs and these three are exactly the same as them is a little trickier because if you do this battery talk You just have to be patient, they have the ten-millimeter screws at the top, they have the wiring harness on the back and you can access the spark plug right at the bottom, just like with those, it only takes a little more patience.

All right, just like that folks, all six Best Spark Plugs for Jeep have been replaced and all we have to do is put the intake manifold back in and light it up.

Okay, guys, that was a lot of fun, they are obviously no longer good, so I’ll get rid of them, grab the keys, and then hopefully it’ll start well folks, so I hope you really enjoyed the guide
Spark Plug Change article.

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