How to Change the Engine Air Filter in a Jeep Wrangler JL or Jeep Gladiator

How to Change the Engine Air Filter in a Jeep Wrangler JL or Jeep Gladiator

Hi guys! I’m Andy and today I’m going to find out how to swap out your dirty old engine air filter and your 2010 or newer Jeep Wrangler Jail or your 2020 or newer Jeep Gladiator. Also, today I’m going to cover some basic maintenance you can do on your Jeep Wrangler Prison 2018 or newer or Jeep Gladiator 2020 and newer to keep your engine efficient, which means you will get the best fuel economy as well as the best performance and always keep your Jeep fit. That is simply replacing your engine’s air filter. Now it is always a good idea to check your Paper Filters for a Jeep every time you change the oil and if necessary know how to do an oil change on a 3.6 liter -Pentastar-equipped Jeep Wrangler Jail. So, let’s jump in!

How to Change the Engine Air Filter

  • Now all you need are some really basic hand tools to get this job done, it will just take a while a few minutes. You will need either a flat bladed and Phillips screwdriver or a socket wrench extension and an eight-millimeter socket wrench.
  • Firstly, you need to loosen the hose clamp, holding your intake pipe to the top of the airbox. Once the hose clamp is loose, you can go to the four fasteners that hold the lid of the airbox. Now two are closer to the outside of the vehicle and two are closer to the inside and you will not remove these completely, you just solve them.
  • Actually, trapped in the little flange around the lid of the airbox once you’ve got all four of these fasteners open, you can lift the lid of the airbox up while you tilt it away. You can pull it straight out of the intake manifold.
  • Then do the old one. Pick up the air filter and move it out of the way. This is a great opportunity instead of replacing the air filter with another style. Now the new air filter just falls back into place. You can grab the lid on your air box and the installation is simply the reverse of the removal.
  • Then just stick that into the intake pipe and there is a little notch up there that goes with the suction tube. You can put the lid down and you just want to align the four fasteners with the holes in the air box.
  • After that, tightening is the last step. Tighten the hose clamp that holds your suction tube to the airbox lid, and that’s all you need to replace the engine air filter in your 2010 or newer Jeep Wrangler prison with either the 3.6-liter Pentastar v6 or the 2-liter turbo four cylinder or the 2020 and newer Jeep Gladiator.

Now, if you have any comments or questions about replacing your engine air filter, feel free to leave that comment in the section below. I hope this article will be helpful to you!

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