How to Bleed Jeep’s ABS Module without Scanning Tool

How to Bleed Jeep’s ABS Module without Scanning Tool

This task is really complex work. In fact, you should be an expert in it in order to do it. However, with this article and guide in it, you can manage it by yourself even without any assistance of the technicians. Moreover, another advantage is saving money.

In most cases, a portion of the ABS doesn’t require venting, if you have installed part of your ABS system, regular bleeding does not produce a solid pedal or if you get rid of old liquid from the system. You can refer to the manual to identify the type of ABS system you have and the necessary instructions to bleed it.

Firstly, it is necessary to understand what things you should have:

  • syringe
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • An assistance
  • 8 oz. cans of fresh brake fluid
  • Plastic pipe
  • Empty Bottle
  • Protective gears

Guidance on How to Bleed ABS Module Without Scan Tool

How to Bleed Jeep’s ABS Module without Scanning Tool

Section 1

Stir that liquid in the tank to let sediment to pop up in the suspension and get rid of them using a syringe. Clean the tank walls and strainer with a lint-free fabric to eliminate residue. Perhaps you will do this one more time. Pour the tank with fresh brake fluid. Check that the fluid is solvent. Rinse off any spilled water immediately to avoid damaging the color.

Section 2

Please apply a box wrench that matches the air bleeder bolt. Only the flat surface of the bolt can be rounded by a crescent wrench. You can splash the bolts with penetrating oil earlier to ease them. A hammer can help you to break down any corrosion. Do not take off the whole bolt.

Section 3

Take a transparent plastic pipe. Position the first pipe’s end into the brake bleeder bolt, while the second goes into a transparent bottle with a bit of brake fluid, which is designed to prevent air from being sucked back into the brake cylinder. Position the bar under the pedal so that it does not go too far while easing pressure in the pipeline. Pour fresh liquid into the master cylinder tank and cover it.

Section 4

If you tell “down” to your assistant, he must press the brake pedal with force. Let him know that the brake pedal will fall under your feet and ask him to keep pressing it. Then turn the bleeder bolt a quarter turn.

You will notice how the dirty liquid is flowing through the pipe. When it stops leaking, shut off the bleeder. Then tell “up” to the assistant. Ask him/her to say “up”, taking his foot off the pedal. Test this procedure again until fresh, clear liquid leaves the bleeder.

Section 5

The tank must not be lowered, it will suck air into the master cylinder. Remember, keep the tank full.

To conclude, I sincerely hope that my article will be helpful for you.

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