How to Change a Crankshaft Sensor on Jeep Wrangler

How to Change a Crankshaft Sensor on Jeep Wrangler

Positioning Sensor Location

The crankshaft position sensor location is on the engine, especially where the transmission attaches to the block. It is connected to the transmission bell housing with two bolts.

Why is this Operation so Essential?

How to Change a Crankshaft Sensor on Jeep Wrangler 2The crankshaft position sensor transmits important data to your car’s computer control system. The sensor gives the control system the necessary data it requires to monitor the moment of ignition, then informs it if it needs to generate sparks and fuel. But if there is no sensor, the computerized control system does not receive important information, thereby, the car either does not start or fails to start the ignition while driving.

My Advice:

The sensor will normally tell you whether it requires replacement or not. The Check Engine indicator light will turn on; therefore, it is noticeable that your car is difficult to start. If you spot these features, plan a replacement.

What are the general signs that the sensor should be changed?

  • Your car does not start.
  • The engine light will illuminate.
  • Car ignition misses (car is driving on rough roads).

Eventually, how to replace the crank position sensor?

2.5L and 4.0L engines have 2 plugs, 2 bolts to be handled. Disconnect the harness. Remove these 2 bolts, thereby, extract the sensor from the bell housing. In 2.5 L/ automatic transmission, it is mounted with two nuts and not with bolts. In YJ Wrangler (4.0 / automatic), the sensor will use one hole with a slot in order to regulate the deep of mounting. While buying a sensor for 4.0 / auto YJ, a paper spacer would be connected to the sensor’s end, which is positioned in the bell. This spacer determines the right depth for installation. Just lower it, then tighten the bolt. While the engine is inverting, it tears the paper, no worries. It will not be problematic if there is a tiny piece of paper. Regarding others without a paper spacer, just lower it until the sensor housing will not be flush with the bell’s body, tighten the bolt.

Take into Consideration:

  • Sometimes, damage to the crankshaft position sensor is about oil leakage, implying that there may be another part of your car, which requires replacement.
  • The electrical connector can be damaged as well and requires checking when the position sensor is changed.

NOTE TO INSTALLATION: If you decide to replace this thing, you do not know about extending the bolt through it and lowered it into the hole it enters. So why? Well, it would not complex to drop this bolt and fall straight into the small hole. If this occurs, you will need to pull the transmission back to unscrew the bolts. First, place the sensor into the hole, completely positioning it into place. Push the bolts. The hole is blocked, so you needn’t doubt that something can fall.

To conclude, I sincerely hope that this article will be helpful for you, and according to my guide, the process of replacing the crankshaft position sensor will be easier.

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