How To Install Ring & Pinion Gears in a Jeep Wrangler JK

Hey drivers! It’s really important to go to a master technician at your local 4×4 store to get him to do the job right the first time, when you are dealing with a lot of very tight tolerances and you have a number of special tools needed to get the job done. This selection of tools will be needed – a bearing ring and seal kit, a magnetic dial in the committer, a good set of digital calipers, an inch pound torque wrench and also a g2s bearing puller. So, keep it up, let’s go ahead!

The Installation

The Installation11. But as soon as you can remove pinions from your axle housing, you want to make sure you are sticking to the diffuser that was installed at the factory. You will need to reuse this, if you are installing your new G2 gears en seal and it helps to slow the flow or redistribute the flow of the gear oil that is coming through the bearings, so it doesn’t cry out of the pinion seal.

2. After you installed your pinion, you have a preload of about 15 set inch pounds because you are all using brand-new bearings. Now you can put everything back into the axle housing, so you can go ahead and see a pattern run on it. So, the dome brings you there to wrap and fill your axles with some fresh liquid and that will involve installing your brand-new gears.

The Installation23. As you can see that a variety of very specialized tools are required to get the job done properly, far exceeding the cost of a professional to ensure that your new year is set right now there is a break-in procedure that you need to follow even with your new gears to tackle the first five hundred miles easily, just take your Jeep about 50 mile steps and then stop to cool your gears back down then you want to take it easy on your gears for the remaining two or 2,000 miles just. So, you can run in and then change your liquid. By now it is normal to see a little metal in that brake fluid and if you refill it with fresh fluid, you should be fine with one of the Jeep experts about choosing the right G-axle and transmission.

That’s It!

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