How to Replace Ball Joints on your Jeep Wrangler JK with Dynatrac ProSteer Ball Joints

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be installing a set of Dyna Track Pro steering Ball Joints for Jeep JK (407-17 Wranglers). Let’s not waste our time!

Ball Joints on A Jeep Wrangler JK

Ball Joints on A Jeep Wrangler JKThe Jeep Wrangler ball bearing is the element that connects the wheel hub and the suspension arm, which is responsible for turning the car wheel. The first sign of failure of this system is the occurrence of extraneous knocks when operating the Jeep Wrangler. Jeep recommends replacing the levers and ball bearings of Jeep Wrangler every 100,000 kilometers wound on the speedometer, since this system is considered quite reliable and durable. But sometimes a similar procedure has to be performed earlier.

The cause of premature failure of a Jeep Wrangler lever and ball bearing most often becomes an increase in the gap between the pin and the housing. In most cases, damage to the dust cover is the main cause of failure of the ball bearing of Jeep Wrangler, so it is recommended to periodically check the integrity of this element to avoid repairing other mating units before time.


  • InstructionsThese high-performance ball joints offer greater strength and longer service life than the OE joints. And once it’s installed, for permanent lubrication you can use all of the new castle nuts and split pins to install them, and while you will need a ball joint press to remove your own ball joints and install the new professional skier ball joints, Dinah Track also recommends the installation kit. Installation is far way easier and the new ball joints are now not damaged during installation. If your wallet cracks ever need to be rebuilt, the process is pretty straightforward and can be done without pressing the hinge.
  • After removing the knuckles, the ball joint can be repaired by simply removing the E. -Clips and then the top plug can be removed along with the ball joint shaft. Well, you can swap out and seal the bearing without a ball joint press. This not only saves time but money – now you need to reassemble this ball joint, so you can use it in your Wrangler. Remember to take care of the insole of your brand-new Dyna Track Pro skier ball joints, they are all greased and you shouldn’t have to worry about this job again! And thanks to the ultra-heavy-duty all-metal construction.

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