How to Replace Shocks On Your Jeep Wrangler

How to replace shocks on your Jeep Wrangler

Hey guys, today we are going to discuss the installation of Best Shocks for Jeep Wrangler. This is a fairly straightforward process, done mostly with simple hand tools, and replacing shock absorbers is part of vehicle maintenance at some point – the shock absorbers on your vehicle whether it’s your daily driver, your off-road rig will need to be replaced at some point shock absorbers will often wear out. They can leak or they are just worn out internally, the fluid has just reached its service life there is wear inside shock, the performance goes away, so today we will install the new RS 9.000 XL Ranchos. Alright, let’s come to the first steps!

You can actually raise the vehicle, prop the front axle, and take off the front tires and wheels, so you can adequately remove them without removing the tires and wheels. Pretty easy job! Safety is always a concern, so make sure you have the vehicle clean. If you want to lift it up properly, prop it up with some sort of frame or jack and be just sure when you get the job done!

Changing the Shock Absorber

Okay guys, changing the shock absorber like I mentioned earlier is pretty easy to do, but you need to get access to the shock tower up front. Actually, there are different ways to do this, it depends only depends on what your Jeep is equipped with. Now that you’ve got the stock fenders and fenders removed, the guys use a lot of techniques. Now you have access to the top of the shock tower. There’s a simple end of the shock shaft with a threaded couple of bush washers up there and let’s take a closer look and we’re going to undo that and then we go down to the bottom bracket and get it off. Let’s look at the top, the shock absorber bridge is maybe hard to see.  Then replace them with the Rancho RS 9000 XL’s, so to remove these you will need to have the five-millimeter Allen key and a 17-millimeter wrench. You’re going to be holding the shock absorber on the Allen wrench and starting to loosen the nut. Once you’ve got the nut loose, just reach in there, grab the nut and tighten the nut and then take the top washer and the gromit or bushing off. Then use an 18-millimeter wrench and a ratchet. You’re going to remove the bottom shock mount bracket. You may want to use a small crowbar to get under the shock absorber.

How to replace shocks on your Jeep WranglerPlease take in little pressure from the bolt should pull out immediately. After that put the bottom part in and then tighten everything up. Let’s go ahead and see if you can’t get the bottom screw in! But I think for now you can just start at four and continue from there, so just get back up with the bottom part of the shock and tighten the top shock for the rancho. Then all we have to do is to have two three-quarter inch wrenches for the tip. To install the ranch over 9,000 XL, pull the boot over the well donut.

The Installation Process

  • Let’s go ahead and that tear loose on out. Next, you are going to remove the top tower brackets you can see up there. Use a bit of a port less impact to get this out. Loosen that a store up, there is dropping right away you can leave that.
  • Leave the screw up there, so you can kind of hang the new Rancho damper.
  • Then pull them together a little, don’t tighten them, just keep the damper in order.
  • So, now it’s all up front, you’re going to slide that damper up.
  • Okay, you’ve just fitted the pair of Best Shocks for Jeep Wrangler or a set of shock absorbers to your Jeep Wrangler. That happened to be the Rancho RS 9000 XL, which has a nine-way adjustable shock absorber costing less than one hundred and twenty dollars, a piece usually a little cheaper and sometimes you can find them on sale for wheel parts offering these for $ 445 a pack.

That’s It!

There are some other adjustable shock absorbers on the market, but they are three times as expensive as these shock absorbers. Just each of these shock absorbers has some advantages as some custom valves are rebuildable. The cost range is really too far out for a daily driver or weekend warrior, so the ranchos are fine for that. So, I hope this article was useful for you! Have a good trip!

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