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Causes and Prevention of Outside Edge Tire Wear On Jeeps

Jeeps are a popular vehicle for off-roading and other outdoor activities, but not all owners know the common issue of outside edge tire wear. Extreme use, such as off-roading, can cause excessive outer edge wear on tires, leading to costly repairs or even replacement. Understanding the causes and preventative measures of outside edge tire wear is important for maintaining your Jeep’s performance and safety.

Understanding Outside Edge Tire Wear on Jeeps

The outside edges are known as the shoulders of your tires, and they take the most abuse when it comes to driving in certain conditions. The outer edges may experience more wear because they have more contact with the ground due to their angled shape; this is especially true when going around corners at high speeds or off-roading. Below we discuss some common causes and ways to prevent excessive outside edge tire wear on Jeeps.

Causes and Prevention of Outside Edge Tire Wear On Jeeps What Causes Excessive Outside Edge Tire Wear?

Excessive outside edge tire wear can be caused by various factors, including incorrect wheel alignment, uneven pressure distribution across all four tires, incorrect tire inflation pressure, unbalanced or worn suspension components, improper vehicle loading or trailer tongue weight, and incorrect tire tread depth. All of these can lead to increased resistance on the outer edges of the tires, resulting in more wear and tear over time.

Preventing Excessive Outside Edge Tire Wear

Preventing excessive outside edge tire wear on Jeeps is possible by taking a few simple steps. First, ensure your tires are properly inflated for optimal performance and even pressure distribution across all four tires. Additionally, have a qualified technician check your wheel alignment to ensure it is within the manufacturer’s specifications; an unaligned vehicle may cause more wear on the outer edges of your tires. Finally, check your suspension components for any signs of wear or damage; if worn out or unbalanced, they may also contribute to excessive tire wear on the outside edges.


Outside edge tire wear can be prevented through proper maintenance and upkeep of your Jeep’s suspension components, wheels, and tires. A few simple steps can help you keep your tires in good condition while ensuring optimal performance and safety when driving off-road or in other rough conditions. Investing some time into maintaining these parts can save you money in the long run by avoiding costly repairs or replacements due to excessive outside edge tire wear.

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