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How To Stop Tires from Rubbing Fender

How To Stop Tires from Rubbing Fender

Are you having trouble with your Jeep tires rubbing against the fenders? Not only is this a nuisance, but it can also cause damage to your vehicle if left unchecked. Knowing how to stop tires from rubbing on fenders in a Jeep is essential for preserving the integrity of your vehicle. This article will discuss what causes tires to rub against fenders and provide some troubleshooting tips so that you can repair the problem as quickly and easily as possible.

What Causes Tires to Rub Against Fenders?

How To Stop Tires from Rubbing FenderThere are several possible reasons why your Jeep’s tires may be rubbing against the fender. The most common causes include improper wheel alignment, worn or damaged suspension parts, excessive sway bar links or braces, oversized wheels and tires, and incorrect tire pressure. It’s important to diagnose the source of the problem before attempting any repairs so that you can address it properly. Also read here What Is Rolling Fenders?

Troubleshooting Tips

Before taking any steps to fix the problem, ensure that all four wheels are properly aligned and balanced by a professional mechanic or tire shop. This will ensure that all four wheels are rolling in the same direction with even wear on each tire surface. Additionally, inspect all suspension components for wear, damage, or incorrect installation. If any parts are damaged, worn out, or improperly installed, replace them with new details.

Inspecting Wheel Alignment and Suspension Parts

Once you’ve checked the wheel alignment and inspected the suspension components for wear or damage, it’s time to inspect the fender wells for any signs of rubbing. Look for scuffs or indentations along the edges of the fenders where the tires may be making contact. If you find any such areas that show signs of friction from the tire’s contact, then you’ll need to take action to fix it.

Stabilizing the Wheels with Sway Bar Links and Braces

If you’ve identified that excessive sway bar links or braces contribute to your Jeep’s tires rubbing against its fenders, then replacing them with a sturdier set is a good option. Ensure that all four wheels have an even weight distribution before replacing worn-out links and braces to provide additional stability to your Jeep’s suspension system.

Installing Spacers or Reducing Tire Size

If, after inspecting all other components and finding nothing amiss, you still notice your tires contacting the fender, then you may need to install spacers or reduce the size of your tires. Spacers are available in various sizes and allow you to increase the distance between your wheel and fender, preventing the tire from rubbing against the fender when turning. Alternatively, reducing tire size will also help reduce contact with the fenders, as larger tires tend to rub more frequently than smaller ones.


Tires rubbing against vehicle fenders can become a serious problem if left unchecked. By following this guide on how to stop tires from rubbing on fenders in a Jeep, you can repair any issues quickly and effectively without causing further damage to your vehicle. Be sure to inspect wheel alignment and suspension parts for wear or damage, as well as check for correct tire pressure before attempting any repairs so that you can ensure that your Jeep is running smoothly again in no time!

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