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Jeep Tire Size Calculator

Tire Size Calculator

Welcome to our Jeep tire size calculator! Most Jeep drivers are used to the so-called inch tire sizes, with the height (for example, 35”) being the most important parameter. However, the vast majority of tire manufacturers use the metric system, which makes it rather difficult to get the right size. So, if you’re having difficulties with figuring out the tire size in inches, our metric-to-standard conversion system will help you get the correct measurements.

Metric to Standard Conversion

Enter the metric size (i.e. 285/75 R17)

Here’s how it works: Say, you’re shopping for a new tire set for your Jeep. What you should do is check the sidewall. There, you’ll find three numbers that represent tires sizes. The first one is the width. It is measured in millimeters. Next, we’ve got the aspect ratio. In contrast to the width, the aspect ratio is measured in % and represents the section height of the tire. For example, if you see 315/70 on the sidewall that means the section height equals 70% of the width.

Tire size calculator

Tire Size CalculatorThe diameter is the tire’s size. This one’s very handy as it immediately lets you know what Jeep wheel size the tire(s) will fit. Say, “17” means you can install these tires on a 17-inch pack of wheels. And if you see the letter “P” in front of width, it stands for Passenger – a US standard. L, in turn, indicates that the tire was manufactured for light trucks.

The “R” translates as Radial (refers to the tire layers) and it stands right after the aspect ratio. B is for Bias construction, while D is for Bias-Belted construction. Finally, the “H” is a speed limit rating, while the “DOT” is a US safety requirement rating. It signifies that the tires passed all tests with flying colors.

So, just go ahead and enter these numbers in the online tire size calculator, and it will convert them into the right size in inches. You’ll get the height, the width, and right rim size. This way, it will be much easier to find a proper set of new tires and make sure they’ll be a perfect fit for your Jeep.

We also encourage you to check out our wheel conversion charts. There, you’ll find the most popular and commonly searched metric-to-standard conversions.

15-inch Wheel Conversion Chart

Metric Standard
215/75/15 27.7″x 8.5″
225/70/15 27.4″x 8.9″
225/75/15 28.3″x 8.9″
235/75/15 29.0″x 9.3″
245/75/15 29.5″x 9.6″
255/75/15 30.0″x 10.0″
265/75/15 30.6″x 10.4″

16-inch Wheel Conversion Chart

Metric Standard
205/85/16 29.7″x 8.1″
215/75/16 28.7″x 8.5″
225/70/16 28.4″x 8.9″
225/75/16 29.2″x 8.9″
235/70/16 29.0″x 9.3″
235/85/16 31.7″x 9.3″
245/70/16 29.5″x 9.6″
245/75/16 30.5″x 9.6″
255/70/16 30.0″x 10.0″
265/70/16 30.6″x 10.4″
265/75/16 31.6″x 10.4″
275/70/16 31.2″x 10.8″
285/75/16 32.8″x 11.2″
295/75/16 33.4″x 11.6″
305/70/16 33.0″x 12.2″
315/75/16 34.8″x 12.4″
375/55/16 32.8″x 15.5″
395/70/16 37.9″x 16.0″

17-inch Wheel Conversion Chart

Metric Standard
245/70/17 30.6″x 9.8
265/70/17 31.6″x 10.7
285/70/17 33.0″x 11.5
315/70/17 34.4″x 12.4

18-inch Wheel Conversion Chart

Metric Standard
275/65/18 32.1″x 11.0
375/50/18 33.0″x 15.4
325/60/18 33.2″x 13.3
325/65/18 34.8″x 13.5
305/70/18 35.0″x 12.2
375/60/18 35.7″x 15.5
395/65/18 37.8″x 15.7

20-inch Wheel Conversion Chart

Metric Standard
325/50/20 33.0″x 13.2″

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