How to Remove Jeep Wrangler JK Factory Headlights

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you how to swap out your boring old factory headlights for a set of brand new LED replacement headlights that really leaves a lot to be desired. So, here we will discuss how to replace those old factory headlights with a set of brand new replacement Led Headlights for Jeep. It is now really easy, it only takes a few minutes and only requires some basic hand tools. Okay, let’s jump in!

All You Need

You will need a t15 torx driver, a flathead screwdriver and you also need a couple of nylon panel tools to help you pry out some of the clips but these aren’t even required. You can really do it with just a screwdriver and the torx screwdriver to do this job by poppi.

Steps How to Remove Headlights

Remove 11. Now that you have the hood of your Wrangler upright, you need to remove those six trim clips that are along the front edge of your grill in order for you to remove the grill and access to the headlight container to remove your headlight, so you don’t just make a flat-bladed screwdriver and simply put the screwdriver on the head of the clip and with a slight twist of the screwdriver you can fold the head all the way up with your hand.

2. There is Panel removal tool handy when you need a little help. You can tuck it under the clip to pry it open, but if you don’t have a panel removal tool, there is a nice little trick you can do by just pulling the grill up a little while pulling the clip up, then move the rest of the clips out of the way.

Remove 33. As soon as you have removed your clips, your next step is to disconnect the power from the connector behind your two marker lights on the grille, you can remove the grille. The only thing that holds the grille to the front of your Jeep is a couple of pressure clips down the bottom edge of the grille, the only way they can be removed is to give the grille a good firm pull and unscrew all of these clips. Headlight should come out immediately and now there is a little red locking tab on the back of the headlight that needs to be squeezed first and you can just squeeze the tab and remove your electrical connector from the headlight.

Installation of A New LED

Installation 11. Now just install your new LED. In this case you will make a set Install Quadra Tek Gen 2 LED replacement headlights in your grille. These headlights now use an H4 connector. In fact, most of the replacement LED headlights on the market use this plug but the plug inside your Jeep is an H 13 plug, so you will need to get an H 13 to h4 adapter and you will also need a pulse width modulator, that prevents your new LED lights from failing. If you have problems with flickering, the Quadra Tech Gen 2 lights now come with an adapter that also includes the pulse width modulator. You can just plug the h13 side of the connector into the Jeep’s wiring harness and make sure it doesn’t reconnect the red locking tab and then connect the h4 side to the pigtail coming from the headlight.

2. Place the ring right around the new LED headlight and then use these original screws. Simply attach the headlight to the grille. Then repeat the same steps to replace the driver’s side headlight. To complete the installation, all you need to do is reinstall your grill. I find it pretty easy while you have access and now plug your turn signals back in with the grill uninstalled two red locking tabs and then just line up your pop clips down there with the holes in the grill bracket.

After you’ve pushed all of these back into place, grab the clips you removed and just reattach them by simply sliding the top press down clips initially peeled off when removed it’s easy, you can just install the base of the clip first. Now the top half of the clip is actually slightly wedged, so just line it up and then slide the clip back in and that is all you need to swap out those factory headlights for a set of brand-new LED replacement headlights.

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As I mentioned earlier, it’s better to choose the Quarter Tech Gen 2 replacement LED headlights, so if you would like more information on these, just check out the articles on this website! If you have any other questions or comments about replacing your headlights in your two or four door Wrangler JK, you can leave those questions in the comments section below. Well, have a great trip, guys!

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