How to Remove the Factory Tail Lights on a Jeep

If you own a Jeep, then it’s important to know how to remove the factory jeep tail lights. This will allow for easier access and installation of new jeeps tail lights or other jeep parts. Follow these steps and you’ll be removing your factory jeep’s tail light in no time!

What are the reasons to replace their Jeep’s Factory Tail Lights?

It happens that you need to remove the taillights from your Jeep. There may be different reasons for this – you want to change the jeep tail lights, you need them for your off-road jeeps light setup, or perhaps because of some other jeep modification.

What jeep tail lights should you get?

What jeep tail lights should you getThere are many jeeps taillights brands out there, but the most popular ones for a jeep would be Hella or Rigid Industries. These jeeps taillights use LEDs which will provide your Jeep with an off-road jeeps light setup that puts them ahead of any competitors! They also come in different colors including Black, Blue, Red, and White – so they’re perfect if you want to match it up with the rest of your jeep’s design!

What tools will be needed when removing an old set of Factory Tail Lights on Jeep?

A jeep tail light removal will require a screwdriver, cable ties, and possibly an arc welder if you’re removing the jeep’s taillights completely. It’s also possible to replace them with new jeep taillights.

Removing the Factory Tail Lights1A lot of times jeeps taillights removal process consists in removing screws and bolts from the factory jeep’s tail lights assembly. This is a simple task but sometimes it can take too much time – especially on older models where parts are corroded due to age. There are many ways how to remove these fasteners without damaging the rest of the Jeep’s body though so don’t worry about that!

Removing the Factory Tail Lights

To make this easier we took photos during our work which will help you identify all required steps when removing jeeps tail lights with pictures.

Removing the Factory Tail Lights3The jeep tail lights can be easily removed by following these steps. All you need is a screwdriver and some time.

  • 1) Locate the screws on the jeep’s tail light, which are usually found in the center of each side where it attaches to the jeep’s body. Remove these screws with your screwdriver and set them aside.
  • 2) Remove the nuts from the bolts with an adjustable wrench
  • 3) Pull up on both sides of the jeep’s tail light carefully to remove it from its housing, then pull it away from the jeep’s surface until you hear a snap sound indicating that it has been detached from the jeeps surface
  • Removing the Factory Tail Lights44) Disconnect all of your wiring harnesses, including brake lights, backup lights, turn signals, and reverse lights
  • 5) Repeat this process for all lights


Knowing how to remove jeep’s taillights is important for jeeps owners, especially if you’re installing new jeep taillights or off-road jeeps light setup on your jeep. There are many ways to do this – from removing screws and bolts with a screwdriver, using cable ties, welding, or even replacing them completely! The steps above will show you how to remove factory jeeps tail lights in no time without damaging any other part of your Jeep!

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