How to Reset ABS Light on Jeep Compass

How to Reset ABS Light on Jeep Compass

Seeing the ABS light illuminated on your Jeep Compass dashboard can be worrying. This important warning light indicates an issue with the anti-lock brake system, which prevents wheel lock-up and assists in maintaining control during hard braking. When the ABS light appears, it’s vital to diagnose and repair the problem promptly to restore safe braking.

How to Reset ABS Light on Jeep Compass

This question is very common and popular on the Internet, and there are so many ways and procedures on how to do it. I created my own guide regarding Abs light. The ABS light presents the anti-blocking system. It will inflate the brakes if something gets hairy so that your ride does not fall into uncontrolled skidding. If the system has failures, the ABS indicator will light up. Once you have solved the question with your ABS system, you are perhaps asking yourself the question: How can I reset the ABS light, especially on Jeep Compass?

How It Works

The ABS light of your Jeep Compass will light up when the self-diagnostic cycle does not pass. If it is on, it means the compass has no anti-lock brakes, or it provides safety. Your Jeep Compass’s ABS system uses a sensor system to detect wheel speed during braking. If one wheel begins to lock, it uses the highest number of brakes for that wheel so that it does not slide. Rotating wheels slow the car down quicker than a locked wheel. Sliding tires also cause flat spots on the tire, which can be uncomfortable and hazardous. ABS also let you drive when you slow down, moreover, it has existed so long that many drivers have never driven a car without it.

How to reset ABS Light on Jeep Compass

If you plan to reset the ABS light, do it according to the given stages. At best, you will require a replacement ABS sensor, screwdriver, and OBD code reader.

My remark: Please complete this process after you have checked the ABS light. When you get a car to the store, employees will reset the light. However, performing the service on your own, you must do the same.

Stage 1

Unplug the positive cable off your car accumulator. After that, keep the brake pedal so as to empty the car’s electrical system. Thereby, it will reboot the car’s main computer. Connect the cable one more time to renew power. If everything is okay, the light has to be reset.

Stage 2

If the light returns to its previous state, replace the ABS sensor. For this, unscrew the sensor housing and turn off the cable. After that, install a new sensor. You probably still have to reboot your computer by using the method mentioned earlier.

How to reset ABS Light on Jeep CompassStage 3

if it is still on, you can use an ODB code reader to detect the problem, cause the car considers the light problem still exists. In case you do not have an ODB code reader, please bring your car to the store to diagnose and solve the problem.

I sincerely hope that it will be helpful for you, and according to my guide, the process of resetting the ABS light on Jeep Compass will be easier. However, I do not recommend disregarding the ABS light on your Jeep Compass. Pay careful attention that in the majority of cases, these will be sensors for wheel speed.


In summary, don’t overlook an illuminated ABS light in your Jeep Compass. First, attempt resetting it by disconnecting the battery. If the light returns, replace the faulty wheel speed sensor and reboot the system. Persistent faults will require diagnosis with an OBD2 scanner or by a professional mechanic. While resetting the light is possible, fixing the underlying issue is crucial, as driving with impaired ABS can result in hazardous skidding and loss of control. With proper repairs, you can get the ABS in your Compass working correctly again.


1. What causes the ABS light to turn on in a Jeep Compass?

Common causes include a faulty wheel speed sensor, problems with the ABS control module or pump, issues with brake system wiring, and worn wheel bearings.

2. How do I reset the ABS light on my Jeep Compass?

To reset the ABS light, disconnect the battery for a few minutes to reboot the system. If the light returns, replace any faulty sensors and retry rebooting. An OBD2 scanner may be needed to diagnose persistent issues.

3. Is it safe to drive with the ABS light illuminated?

No, it is not safe to drive with the ABS warning light on. This indicates the anti-lock brake system is impaired, which can lead to loss of control during hard braking.

4. What tools do I need to troubleshoot an ABS light?

Basic tools include a screwdriver, replacement ABS sensors, and an OBD2 scan tool to read any diagnostic trouble codes. Advanced testing may require specialty ABS diagnostic tools.

5. Will resetting the ABS light fix the underlying problem?

Simply resetting the ABS indicator without addressing the cause will not resolve the issue. Proper diagnosis and repair of the faulty component causing the light is needed to fix ABS system problems.

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