Locked Keys in Jeep: How to Get Your Keys out

Locked Keys in Jeep: How to Get Your Keys out

This is a classic scenario: you’re late to work, or maybe you’ve had a very long day at the office and want to get back home ASAP. In other cases, it’s your kids forgetting the keys in, or a neighbor causing a distraction. As a result, you lose your vigilance and let the Jeep doors close with the keys still inside. That gotta be one of the most frustrating things ever!

So, do you call a mechanic? Or maybe visit an auto shop? Well, why not try and solve the issue manually? There are lots of tried-and-true, quick methods that will help fix the problem. Locked keys in Jeep shouldn’t be your doom! No matter how tightly the doors are shut, there’s always a way to Locked Keys in Jeep: How to Get Your Keys outopen them!

Method #1: Unscrewing Your Way In

The quickest and cheapest option is to try and get access into the Jeep through one of the doors. Mainly, I’m talking about the driver’s side door. Do you see the two bolts holding it in place? Well, remove them carefully – that should give you enough space to squeeze in and hit that unlock button on the door. It would be best if a friend could help you out. Keep in mind, though, that this could (potentially) damage the Jeep’s door and you can’t avoid Jeep key replacement. So, do it at your own risk.

Method #2: The Old Coat Hanger Trick

This method was very popular back in the day. The focus should be on the tiny wedge between the B pillar and the front door frame. So, use a screwdriver (covered with a rag), a door stop, or something similar to create a tiny wedge. Next, use a regular coat hanger to reach out to the lock lever on the other side of the door and unlock it.

Method #3: The Airbags Technique

Mostly used by emergency workers, airbags can also be pretty useful. You just slide them in, right between the door and the weather stripping. Now, all airbags come with a pump, so, just use it to inflate the bag. When it gets big enough, that will create an opening for you to reach out with a tool (like a hanger, as in the previous example) and handle the lock. This isn’t a very safe option, however.

When not used properly, the airbags tend to damage the doors – this happens all the time. A bent door isn’t very cheap to fix. The price can go from 100-200 to 1500 US dollars! On average, dent removal costs $250-300.

Method #4: Breaking In (BAD IDEA)

You might believe that breaking the window is the best technique, but it really isn’t. First of all, you’ll probably end up hurting yourself. Secondly, collecting all those tiny glass particles will take a long time, and you’ll probably still leave some lying around (which can be dangerous). And let’s not forget the most obvious thing: car door windows are pretty expensive! This is especially true if you’re driving one of the latest Jeep SUVs.

The average price for a brand-new window (even if it’s a relatively small one) is $300-350. Plus, the mechanics will charge you extra 150-200 dollars for having it installed. So, no bricks! Now, if you’re still all about “violent” solutions, and have a friend who’s with the police, they can be of great help. Officers have all the necessary tools to pry open pretty much any door, be it that of an SUV, a truck, or an 18-wheeler. This isn’t a very realistic scenario, though.

In addition to our top tips for dealing with locked keys in your Jeep, discover how to bypass a transponder without a key in this informative article, empowering you with practical solutions to regain access to your vehicle.

Method #5: Calling an Auto Locksmith

Asking the expert to arrive at your doorstep will cost a lot. But, since you can’t drive the Jeep to their spot, this is the only option. If you’ve got some bucks to spare, locksmith services will be the best way to handle this situation. They have the necessary tools, skills, and experience to open doors of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, with newer doors, you simply can’t break through. With older doors, in turn, regular tools like a screwdriver won’t do much good.

Thankfully that won’t be a problem with a locksmith. They usually take 10 to 15 minutes to unlock a Jeep, or even less. The service will cost you 50 to 150 US dollars, depending on your actual Jeep, the area that you live in, and the complexity of the work. I say it’s a reasonable price.

Method #6: Taking Advantage of your Insurance

Did you know that some insurance policies cover the services of a locksmith? That’s right! Sometimes, they may even fully cover a visit to a proper repair shop. So, go ahead and give your insurance company a call. If you’re lucky, they’ll send in a specialist for you. Now, I would highly recommend checking out the so-called “Roadside Assistance Program”. With it, you’ll also get free towing services, battery jumpstarts, and more.

In most US states, it’s pretty affordable and won’t take long to add to an existing insurance policy. This is a very popular deal among truckers, by the way. And one more thing: you can go ahead and pay the locksmith from your pocket, and the RA program will reimburse you later.

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