All About Flat Towing Jeep Models

What Is Flat Towing?

Flat tow jeeps are towed behind a tow vehicle. They have some limitations on what they can tow, but there are many benefits to flat tow models that we will get into later!

There are two types of flat tows: hard and soft tows. Hard flat tows use metal bars or other devices to connect the Jeep with the tow hitch point on your car or truck while soft ones rely more heavily on straps. Soft flat tow Jeeps may be more comfortable for passengers in back seats because there is less vibration than a hard bar connection would create. The downside of these softer connections is it doesn’t provide as good protection from high winds, which could cause unsafe driving conditions when traveling at higher speeds over long distances.

How Does It Work

All About Flat Towing Jeep Models2Let’s take a look at how the flatbed towing system works.
Flat towing is typically cheaper and easier than using a trailer because there’s no need for an axle or tow bar–just attach it to the tow hitch on your tow vehicle with chains and use straps to secure it securely. When you tow a flat towed Jeep model behind your tow vehicle, the tow vehicle driver drives in reverse.

The tow hitch is mounted to the frame of your Jeep with a tow arm that can only be attached to one side. This is because flatbeds have two different types of tow arms-side and end. In order for these tow arms to work, they must attach on the same side as your rear axle so keep this in mind when you’re deciding where it would best suit your vehicle.

This type of attachment means there won’t be any swaying which could cause unsafe driving conditions if traveling over long distances at higher speeds or through high winds but hard bars may provide more comfort for passenger’s back seats due to less vibration during travel. Soft straps are usually used, however exterior noise levels will increase from wind buffeting against soft.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Flat Towing a Jeep?

Undoubtedly, flat towing has advantages and some disadvantages, as with other models of tow vehicles.

The main benefit of flat towing is that it’s much faster, which makes it perfect for those times when you need a tow but don’t have time to spare. It also has the advantage of being more affordable than other tow types because there are no additional charges associated with weight or size; your tow price will be based solely on how long you’re towed and where. If you can only afford one tow type, then we recommend flat-towing as an option.

One potential drawback, as we said before, may be in regards to safety: hard bars provide less protection from side impacts during collisions than soft straps do and they transmit some noise into passenger compartments due to wind buffeting against them at higher speeds (though this shouldn’t affect).

Which Jeep Models Can Be Towed by Car or Truck

All About Flat Towing Jeep Models1However, the undoubted advantage is that many Jeep models can be towed by car or truck. The most common Jeep models that are flat towed are Wranglers, CJs, Cherokees, and Renegades. To wit the list down, you will need to know what tow package is included in your specific model.

Tow packages are not available for all Jeep models; if yours doesn’t have a tow kit or tow bar it can still be towed with a special tow dolly on a flatbed truck. In this case, don’t forget that some of these kits may require an aftermarket hitch and wiring harnesses as well as wheel chocks and straps to keep the vehicle from rolling off while loading onto the bed. If you’re looking at other models (not Jeeps), please check their spec sheets before trying to tow them because many vehicles cannot withstand being towed by car or truck like they could when new – so always do your research.

When Should You Not Tow Your Vehicle with the Help of Another Car or Truck?

It happens that you should not tow your car with a truck or other vehicle. For example when you are not in good shape, when the tow truck is full and cannot take your extra vehicle, or when it’s against tow company policy.

The Main Thing To Remember About Flat Towing Jeeps (Or Any Other Type) On A Rental Truck Bed-In This Case, Don’t Forget That Some Of These Kits May Require An Aftermarket Trailer Hitch And Wiring Harnesses As Well As Wheel Chocks And Straps To Keep The Vehicle From Rolling Off While Loading Onto The Pad-Is.

Tips for Safe Driving When Flat Towing a Jeep Model

  • All About Flat Towing Jeep Models3Of course, the first on this list is to tow at a safe speed.
  • If your tow vehicle is equipped with a trailer hitch, use it. If you are towing on the street or any other road that has speed limits over 55 MPH (88 KPH), and you have an aftermarket tow bar attached to the rear of your tow vehicle, make sure this tow bar is in good condition and properly rated for the weight of what you’re carrying.
  • When flat towing using straps instead of a towbar, find something strong enough to attach them too such as trees or light posts, never wrap straps around bumper bars because they can be easily broken off while driving at higher speeds. Make sure all four tires do not spin when moving forward so create some friction by chocking two wheels against one.
  • Additionally, check your mirrors frequently and remember that you will need more distance to stop when flat tow trucking.
  • All Wrangler models come equipped with special cross members under the engine compartment for added protection from front-end damage while being pulled by another car without bumper contact.
  • Finally, take it slow on hills-that means be mindful of ramps and inclines because the Jeep may catch air or tip over if you’re not careful.

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