How to Air Down Your Jeep Tires

Many people air down their tires before they go off-roading, but not everyone knows how to air down a Jeep tire. This article will teach you how and why you should air your tires down before going on a rugged trail!

What you need to have to air down your tires

When air down jeep tires, it is important to be prepared with the following items:

  • a floor jack and stands for support
  • a lug wrench or air impact gun (if necessary)
  • an air compressor with hose adapter fitting, air gauge, and air hose
  • a set of lug nuts (for emergency)
  • spare tire with mounting hardware, if not equipped on the vehicle

The first step in the air down jeep tires is to use the floor jack and stands for support. Place them under the chassis or frame near where you need to air down your Jeep’s tires. The second step is that when using an air compressor, make sure it has a fitting adapter so you can attach it directly to your Jeep’s inflation valve. You’ll also want to have an air pressure gauge handy as well as an air hose which will feed into the opening of the exhaust pipe at one end while going through a rubber plug in the other end – this creates an air-tight seal.

How air down your tires?

How air down your tiresTires that are air down will have a lower profile and offer better traction. This is important when you need to air down the Jeep tires for off-roading or rock climbing.

Step One: Find the tire pressure on your vehicle’s doorjamb sticker.

Step Two: Determine how much air should be let out of each tire.

Step Three: Next, air down jeep tires by loosening the tire lug nuts. If you have an air impact gun or air compressor with an air hose adapter fitting that is required to air down your Jeep’s tires, then this step could be skipped, and move on to the next one!

Step Four: Use an air gauge to check tire pressure; if the air is let out too much, the air compressor will not work properly. If it’s done correctly, you’ll hear a hissing sound like water running through a hose. This tells you that air is being released and it won’t be too long before your Jeep tires are at the desired air pressure level!

How To Air Down Your Jeep Tires without Air Compressor

How To Air Down Your Jeep Tires without Air CompressorTire deflators are air release valves fitted onto a tire that can be used to let air out of the tires. Unlike air compressors, tire deflators don’t require an air hose and compressor because they use a vacuum instead of pressure to let air escape from your Jeep’s tires. There are two types: manual ones that screw onto your tire and air-controlled ones that automatically regulate air pressure.

When using a manual deflator, unscrew the air release valve on one side of the tire at a time to let the air out over time until it reaches desired levels. You’ll want to have an emergency set of lug nuts with you in case something happens while airing down your Jeep tires.

Tire air-controlled deflators work in a similar way, but you don’t need to unscrew anything.

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