How To Use A Winch On A Jeep

Hi drivers! Now a very common question is how to properly crank up a vehicle and how to install a winch , so today I’m going to use the section. Alright, let’s jump in and find out how to use a winch on a Jeep!

First two preparation steps

  1. The first thing you need to do is have an anchor for the winch. For instance, I can go up on a hill, put another Jeep up and it will be my winch anchor.

  2. Second, you always need a winch up front and on the front of that rugged Ridge Jeep is the rugged Ridge Trekker 12. Well, there is for example a twelve and a half thousand-pound winch. When you choose your winch, you’ll want to buy a winch that is at least one and a half times the weight of your vehicle and it’s always good to go a bit bigger, so twelve and a half thousand pounds is perfect for a truck.

So, step one for someone who’s going to get the hook off, if I can put the winch in freewheel mode I can pull the synthetic winch line all the way up, to hook the other Jeeps. Actually, it’s windy when you get to the top, don’t attach your winch to another wedge because you can’t pull a winch drum and you need a winch anchor like the D-ring shackle. All that should be done is to click in the D-ring shackle. Also, you need to remove the anti-rattle clip, so when you clip in, you need to make sure the one little safety lock is on. After that, I go back to my Jeep, my anchor jeep is in the park, someone is in the foot on the brake, the nice thing to hold on to that dial.

Before Your Order

When you order your Best 10k Winch for Jeep, make sure you have a winch accessory set because it has everything you need to wind properly, so a set of gloves that you want to wear especially when you are dealing with winch versus synthetic rope as the rope will fray and your hand could cut How To Use A Winch On A Jeepsynthetic rope you can actually get rope burned on it so wear the gloves that came with the kit you also have this is basically a weighted bag leave a couple of D-rings. The bag drop what you want to do is you set this up over the leash and that puts weight on the leash while you crank a few things that will be in extra D-rings. But we don’t need them because the Jeeps already have them with them put on a dose belt.

The winch line

What will I do? The winch line can be tightened with the wireless remote control or the sturdy Ridge winch will take the winch off the free spool, I hold my hand far from the trowel, just slide the cable through my hand still a bit tight. Add weight blankets, they can go anywhere on the cable. Usually, halfway grab the wireless remote and turn it on, in this case, someone has to sit in the driver’s seat. I can do it as it has a wireless remote but then all you would do is take the truck. You will let the winch and the gear in neutral, pull yourself up the gear for the first low gear, right off the brake, what you don’t want is when the winch rope goes slack, you want to stop it so that it doesn’t run over under the truck and that’s it then crank it all the way up when you’re done. Also, you have to rewind the cable but don’t hold on to the cable, don’t hold on to the hook, hold on to that little red strap which is at the end of the hook that protects your hands from danger.

Well, don’t forget to secure the hook, so it doesn’t knock around. In this case, the sturdy Ridge bumpers have a little space to hook in and then just pull the winch in a little. And remember to check out all my new articles here. Have a nice trip!

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