How to Change Speakers in Jeep Wrangler and Disassemble Dash?

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be upgrading the speakers in a 2013 Jeep Wrangler. Okay, let’s start! I’ll show you how to make the brackets and Everything you need to know about Sound Bar Speaker Size even on Jeep TJ.

Detailed Instructions

  1. The first thing you need to do is get yourself a torx that will fit in that slot and all you will do is pull out all three screws and both the speaker. Then the grill will fall out to show you how to make the new bracket to mount the speaker but remove those three screws first. You are going to core this speaker after removing the three screws. All you are going to do is unplug this connector, what you want to do, so that you can start making your own brackets is do this go through and you will cut these out completely. After you do this, you will see the cone and stuff, these magnets are super weak, so they will really give you a lot of sound. Any audio you buy, unless you buy like six big speakers, just sell it with the vehicle because anyone who buys audio the audio. Well, there aren’t a lot of people left who just keys audio, it is just one of those markets where you have this.

  2. The next thing you want to do is open up. There is a dust cap, there is a lovely rubber hole in there. You now have a speaker mount, what you’re going to do is just going to be a six and a half kick. You’ll just literally stretch it a little or help the screws tighten and they’ll just take a few small self-tapping and you will put one in there or it doesn’t even have to be a self-tapping screw. So, for the back, when you wire those rear speakers, the green is the negative, the black and white is the positive, with the other side the blue is the positive and the green is the negative. So, the green on both sides is the negative stay tuned, just let these two speakers tie back with just three screws, remember the time just like you removed them fine, but now you’re going to try to access your front dash speakers.

  3. The first thing you want to do is just grab and pull there and it will peel off all of these pops clips on either side, then you need another panel popper or a flat blade. I suggest some plastic, so you don’t scratch the plastic and you just do this. You can actually see the speaker, so you really have to get in there. You have to take this screw out there, this screw on this side, then you will unfold the plastic insert that is up there and change your stereo system. Often you will lose this screw when you change your stereo, but when you haven’t changed your stereo, there will be eight million here and then you will have that mug piece there, you will stick your fingers in there if not, there will probably be a flat blade mark where you can pry it out with a flat blade and or a record printer. If you do it will be another 8 mil here, you have to do the whole hood pop off there, so take off the stuff.

  4. How to Change Speakers in Jeep Wrangler and Disassemble DashFirst, like I said, these will all be pop clips, so just take those four screws. You need to take out the factory next or if you have an aftermarket radio, take all four of those screws out, get that out of the way. After you do that, when you get down there you have to pull those four seven mills of reed out there and then after you get those four center mills out of there, or seven mills, this will be after. Jump in front and you’ll see all these seven mills behind it. The next thing you’ll probably want to do is unplug the climate controls and hazard lights again from there, they’re just the tabs depressed like that and you’re going to remove everything here, so just do that again. Once with that pressure tab, get it out of the way and take those two screws out, because that’s pretty easy for that, you just pull it out, and that comes out, right after that there will be a few more seven males.

  5. After getting all of this, you’re going to have to deal with an airbag in the dash, so instead of throwing airbag lights and all that other funny stuff we’re just going to drag the negative on the jeep. So, why did you draw your negative, also because it is you? Will take out the instrument cluster so you can do this. When that’s over, just stow it away, so it doesn’t touch anything and plug it back into the battery and you’re all good and then when you walk in. Pull those eight mils two real mils out, then that handle will come off and from there an airbag will work at the moment that pulls a little forward and then you have to go up underneath and if you look right next to the latch here there will be a 10ml screw there and a 10ml screw there. In order to remove the airbag, what you have to do is do what I said before, you remove the two studs from down there, then all you are going to do next is remove a little box that is up there. Just flip that open with a flat blade and then pull up.

  6. You have to go with the deep one, slam the socket shut and just loosen it, do not take it off completely and then you can pull it forward. Then make sure you don’t let it hang because it’s super heavy. You’ll disconnect both connectors, don’t worry because they only go one way.

  7. So, the next serving is a panel popper or a flat blade or put your hand on the other side. Pop that top end out you can see there are those pop clips along the top once you get it, so you’ll get it at a nice angle and then pull up when you pull it up it will get the now there two weight mills here and the easiest way to get these is to flip up the center console, there are just no screws, put your hands in there and pry up a bit or reach down there. Pull the gear stick new up for low and release your gear stick back. Make sure your parking brakes are on. Lift this up and bring it back, as soon as this is back there you have full access to those two eight grinders, well, not full, but you can get in there with the two eight grinders.

  8. You need to pull up each side of it, so you can remove the dash. Next thing you need to do is pull that tweeter out there, so you see that you can just hook it up with the pick and pop. There is just a single hook right there that you will be disconnecting that way you can change that basket. if you put it in your own set of tweeters and you have to have those separate too so you can pop the rest – after you open that up – you can usually maneuver this a bit forward. You’re going to just copy that on the other side!

That’s It!

Now you have access to your speaker, as you can see the tabs overhang, so when you put it this way go from side to side. That’s Phillips on another connector as you’ll see there’s a red wire and a green-red. Even if you flip up those front speakers, you will do just as well except as the rear speakers and then if you have a template, you can just screw the men into those holes and then you have a nice sealed box. For the top tweeters it is pretty easy. If you change those out the purple on this side is the positive and the purple on this side is the positive, the yellow is the negative. Conversely, all I can say is that the entire dashboard is back together before plugging in your battery as the airbag module is not there and stuff like that is fine. If you have any questions, post in the comments section below and have a great day!

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