What Do I Need To Know Before Buying a Jeep Door Hanger

What is a Jeep door hanger and how do they work

Where do you hang the Jeep door that you took off the car? Of course, before you remove the doors from your Jeep, take care to purchase a Jeep Door Hangers and install them in your garage.

How to choose the right size of hanger for your Jeep door

How to choose the right size of hanger for your Jeep doorHow to choose the right size of hanger for your Jeep door? It’s actually quite simple. You need to measure the door of your Jeep or Or simply choose a hanger that is specifically designed for your Jeep model, which is much easier.

Materials you will need

All you need are hooks, screws, and bolts (to attach them) plus a drill; also any kind of paint or sealant for finishing touches after installation into walls goes a long way too.

Instructions on how to install

Instructions on how to installThe installation process is the same for both methods and it should take no more than an hour or two to install a jeep door hanger in your garage.

A jeep door hanger attaches to the inside of your garage. It’s really quite simple; there are two main ways to install a Jeep door hanger.

If you have an overhead beam, then just screw in some hooks into either side-wall with enough room between them (usually about four feet) depending on the size of your vehicle and hang up whatever kind of canvas cover you want! No need to drill any holes unless you don’t have an overhang.

If you have an overhead beamIf you don’t have an overhead beam, then it’s time for some drilling! Use a drill to make two holes in the wall as instructed. Use a tool such as a building level so that the hanger is attached horizontally.

If you’re trying to avoid drilling holes into a wall or have an overhead beam like I do (which makes installation really easy), there are kits with hooks that can be screwed into either side-wall which will usually work without any kind of mounting structure inside at all so long as both sides don’t run out together; this might not always be possible though.

Alternatively, if you want your Jeep Door Hanger to fit perfectly in the space of your garage and use fewer materials, then it’s also very simple to just make one yourself from some old wood boards!

Benefits of using Jeep Door Hangers

Benefits of using Jeep Door HangersThey are really inexpensive, with most kits costing about $25-$50 USD on Amazon for everything you need!

You can paint them any color that goes well with your garage; this will make it look like they’ve always been there instead of just being added as an afterthought at the last minute when people come over.

You can use it for storage as well; hang up some shelves or old shoe boxes with ‘stuff’ inside like old manuals that you don’t need much anymore but are too sentimental to throw away.

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