What Size Windshield Wipers Do I Need for a Jeep Liberty?

Have you ever wondered what size windshield wipers your jeep liberty needs? Your jeep liberty windshield wipers are a very important part of the jeep. If they’re not functioning correctly, it can be dangerous to drive in heavy rain or snow. One way to find out what sizes your jeep requires is by looking at the owner’s manual for your vehicle and seeing if it mentions anything about windshield wiper blades. You can also take a look at this guide on how to determine what size windshield wipers you need for various vehicles!

Jeep Liberty windshield wipers come in a variety of sizes. You can find jeeps with a wiper size as small as 13 inches or as large as 30 inches. The size you need will depend on the jeep and the type of windshield it has.

How to measure the width and thickness of your jeep’s windshield?

How to measure the width and thickness of your jeep's windshieldMeasure the width of your jeep’s windshield and then measure the thickness. The jeeps with slimmer windshields will need smaller wipers while jeeps that have wider, thicker windscreens may require larger wiper blades to clean off snow and rain more efficiently.

Measure the width and thickness of your jeep’s windshield using a tape measure. How does that work? Well, you basically need to measure from corner to corner in inches or millimeters (depending on how much information is needed). This will give you the total size of the windshield. Divide this number by two for accurate measurement – one side can be used as a reference point if needed! You may also want to take into consideration where any wiper blades are before measuring so you don’t include them in your measurements.

What tools do you need?

You’ll find it useful to have something like a ruler or yardstick handy when measuring out these distances accurately. That said, we recommend taking down all necessary measurements before heading out to your local hardware store for any parts. You may also want to bring a measuring tape with you, if only as a backup measure!

How do I make sure that my measurements are accurate?

Well, the process of taking down these measurements is pretty straightforward and should be rather easy after following our instructions above. Simply take two or more pieces of paper (depending on how big your windshield is). Measure from one side at the top to another line drawn across in inches or millimeters. Now use this measurement combined with what’s leftover from the outside edge-to-outside edge when starting up again – and voila! You’ve got an accurate representation of your jeep’s current windshield size and thickness!

Jeep Liberty windshield wipers sizes

Jeep Liberty windshield wipers sizesFortunately for you, there is an easy way to find out the dimensions of your windshield without taking any measurements! The user manual has all the information you need if you have not modified your Liberty.

Make sure that you measure the width and thickness of your jeep’s windshield before purchasing new windshield wipers.

If your jeep’s windshield is 13 inches wide, you’ll need a wiper with an arm length of at least 12.75 inches (13-inch blades are too short). You may want to buy wipers that have a blade width of 15 or 16 inches for better coverage.

If the jeep has a 20-inch windshield, it needs to be equipped with 22 inch long arms and 18-20 inch blades.

For 24 and 28 inch jeeps, the ideal size would be 25 or 26 in arms and 23-24″ blades respectively. 30 inched jeeps will require 31-34″ long arms depending on what type of wipers they use – single groove or double groove style as well as 17-21″ wiper blades.

Knowing the exact dimensions, you can easily replace windshield wipers on your Jeep Liberty!

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