5 Reasons To Take Off the Doors of Your Jeep

If you’re a jeep enthusiast who likes to take your jeep off-road, there are many reasons why removing the doors will be beneficial for both newbies and experienced jeeps alike!

Jeeps with removable doors

When Jeep first introduced the Wrangler back in 1986, it was a rugged take on the traditional SUV. It had an open-air design and doors that could be completely removed to make for easy access to the inside of the vehicle.

Jeeps with removable doors are becoming more and more popular as jeep enthusiasts look for a way to take their jeep off-road. The jeep door is one of the most troublesome pieces of jeep equipment that can be removed, but it also provides some pretty good benefits!

Is it worth removing the doors from the Jeep?

5 Reasons To Take Off the Doors of Your Jeep1Ever take off the doors on your Jeep? It’s a lot easier to take them off than put them back on. You can take the doors off and use it as a convertible or you can keep them on and let people think that you are driving around with no windows, which is also pretty cool if you’re into some weird stuff. But seriously, take off the jeep doors so that your friends don’t have to try and figure out how to get in!

In order to take off the jeep doors, you’ll need a complete set of replacement parts. Replacing all four doors is recommended as well as replacing some other exterior pieces on your jeep that may be damaged by removing the doors.

A Jeep door costs about $500-$1000 depending on how much work needs to be done and what type of vehicle it’s being installed in. If you’re looking for something cheaper than this, take a look at fairing kits! They offer great protection from mud and water getting into your interior while also providing an excellent substitute for removable doors if they are not needed or wanted anymore.

Here are five reasons why you should consider removing your jeep’s doors.

Reason #01

5 Reasons To Take Off the Doors of Your Jeep2You’ll have access to all four corners of your jeep without having to remove anything else.

Reason #02

Opening up the area around your tire and engine will allow easy access in case of an emergency or breakdowns on the trail.

Reason #03

Removing the jeep doors will free up space inside so you can store gear such as camping supplies, jeep modifications, and more. You can safely store your Jeep’s removed doors until you decide to reinstall them.

Reason #04

You’ll have a jeep that’s easier to maneuver on the trails. Jeep doors are heavy and take up a lot of space. If you’re taking your jeep off-road, then the last thing that you want is something weighing down on it and making it hard to maneuver. Doors can also be damaging when they get caught on objects while driving through rough terrain, so removing them will eliminate these risks as well!

Reason #05

Your jeep’s overall weight will be reduced, making it more fuel-efficient and better for off-roading and jeep wheeling.

If you’re looking for ways to take your jeep off-road, removing the doors may be a good start! It’s time we take off the jeep doors.

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