Tips on How To Safely Store the Doors of Your Jeep

Jeep owners know that a Jeep is not just for off-road driving. Your jeep can be used as an everyday car, and you may need to store the doors while it’s parked in your driveway or garage. It’s important to find the best storage solution for your particular vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler doors, as well as many other types of automobile doors, are often difficult to store. This is because they typically have a large surface area and are made from materials that can’t be easily cut or shaped.

The good news is that there are some creative storage options available for these valuable car parts! Below we wove together some ideas for storing the doors of your Jeep.

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Tips on How To Safely Store the Doors of Your Jeep2Attach a storage rack to your garage wall and place both rear jeep wrangler door panels in there while it’s parked. This is an excellent option if you don’t have much space available inside your vehicle or because these types of racks are relatively inexpensive, even when they can hold two doors at once! The downside to this type of solution is that if any moisture gets into the sealed cabinet, it could cause rusting on those parts stored inside over time – so be sure not to store anything else here besides just the doors.


Store one panel flat against a wall with nothing underneath (so it won’t sit up) using screws or nails about every six inches. Be sure to use a level when hanging so that the door will hang straight and not tilt, or else it might get damaged over time.


Put your jeep wrangler doors in an empty closet while they’re parked! Closets are great storage spaces because you can put them behind clothes racks for more room if needed, as well as keep other items like shoes off of the ground on shelves below. This is also a good idea if you have pets that might attack and chew on any objects stored out in the open. The downside here is that some types of closets have limited space – especially those designed for small houses with narrow hallways and stairs – which could lead to problems storing two large doors at once. And there’s also the possibility that a child could get into them and pull clothing racks down on top of themselves or any other person nearby.


Tips on How To Safely Store the Doors of Your Jeep1Hang your jeep wrangler doors from hooks in a garage space, either high up near the ceiling or low against an empty wall. This is another good option if you don’t have much room inside the vehicle because there will be plenty of storage available for other items as well! Be sure to use hooks with larger diameter bases so they can hold more weight without bending too easily – otherwise, it might cause problems over time.


Purchase a set of hinges designed just for storing automobile doors and hang them at ground level between two horizontal posts of some sort (like old tires). You’ll need about four posts to do this – two on each side of the door panels. The downside here is that you’ll need a lot of space for storing these posts, and it can be difficult if your garage has low ceilings or no walls at all.


Hang one jeep wrangler doors panel from hooks in the doorway by placing them just out of reach above an entryway such as a garage door; use screws about every six inches up high near where most people’s heads would be when they enter into the room. This will make sure that it hangs straight without tilting downwards while also keeping other objects like shoes off the ground!

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