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Main Steps to Replace a Radiator in Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Main Steps to Replace a Radiator in Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Have you ever had to replace a radiator in your Jeep Grand Cherokee? It can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it. This blog post will give you the step-by-step process for how to take out and replace your Jeep’s radiator. We’ll go over what tools are needed, what time commitment is required, and we’ll provide pictures of the whole process from start to finish!

Step 1: You’ll need to start by disconnecting the negative battery cable. This is done so you don’t have any sparks that can ignite fuel vapors while Main Steps to Replace a Radiator in Your Jeep Grand Cherokeeyou’re working with your Jeep’s engine compartment. Be careful not to touch anything metal and then give it a few minutes for the car battery voltage to dissipate before touching anything conductive again.

Step 2: Then you’ll need to drain the coolant from your radiator by using a screwdriver and loosen the cap. Be very careful not to touch anything with your hands or get any of it on yourself!! Then, remove the hose clamp that’s connecting the overflow reservoir tank (the long tube) and let all of the fluid flow out.

Step 3: Then, remove the clips to take off the grill. Next, remove some bolts and take off the crossbar. Then, remove the bolts that attach the radiator to your Jeep’s frame. Make sure you have a good grip on each bolt and be very careful not to drop it into any of the engine compartments or other hard-to-reach places! Once all four are removed, carefully pull out your old radiator with both hands as if you were carrying a slippery fish.

Main Steps to Replace a Radiator in Your Jeep Grand CherokeeStep 4: Next, take the new radiator and insert it into your Jeep’s engine compartment with four bolts attaching it to your frame. Be careful not to overtighten any of these bolts! Also, be sure that the rubber gasket is in between the two metal parts before you tighten anything down. Once all four are tight, make sure that the overflow tube is securely connected to your radiator.

Step 5: Then it’s time for the fun part, filling up and bleeding out! Fill up an empty container with coolant until there are enough bubbles coming out of the hole in its side. Then carefully open a valve on one end of your Jeep’s engine compartment so you can fill up the radiator. Once it’s full, close your valve and start filling up again until you see bubbles coming out of the overflow reservoir tank hose.

Open a second hole in your Jeep for air to bleed into the system when removing coolant from one end while refilling at another! This will help get any trapped air or debris out before refilling. Repeat this process several times until you’re confident that all air is out of the system and there aren’t any more bubbles coming from your overflow reservoir tank hose.

Step 6: Finally, take a rag or towel to wipe off any coolant on the bottom side of your Jeep’s engine compartment where it might have spilled before replacing its battery cable and you’re all set!

One last note- it’s really important to make sure that your radiator is the same size as your old one before installing anything. It can be hard to tell if they are different sizes just by looking at them, so we recommend measuring the height and width of both radiators with a ruler first before buying or replacing them.


Now that you know how to replace a radiator in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can do it yourself instead of paying someone else for the service! The whole process takes about two hours but making sure everything is tightened correctly will help extend the life of your replacement radiator. As always, be sure not to touch anything metal and keep your fingers and hands away from the coolant!

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