Is it Safe Driving with a Blown Head Gasket?

Modern vehicles consist of thousands of tiny details, and these details do fail from time to time for one reason or another. Of course, we highly recommend, or rather insist, that you get the failed component(s) of your vehicle fixed or repaired as soon as you can. But, we are also aware that some of the components are more crucial than others.

And while you shouldn’t really do that, some drivers manage to get by when one or two of the not-so-critical parts are malfunctioning. So, the big question is – are the head gaskets a crucial component? We have the answer right here! Join us, and let’s see whether it’s safe driving with a blown head gasket, or not.

What’s a head gasket for?

Is it Safe Driving with a Blown Head GasketAs mentioned, modern vehicles have quite a few details, and head gaskets are just one of those parts. And as you’ll see for yourself later, it’s a very important component of your car. Although getting it replaced is not cheap, it is very important to address this issue immediately, as driving with a blown head gasket is not at all safe. So what does a head gasket do, and what makes it so important?

The head gasket creates a seal between the engine block (the lower part of the engine where the cylinders are) and the head (that’s where the valves are). More than that, a head gasket takes part in channeling the coolant that prevents the engine from overheating. You’ll have to deal with one of these two problems when your head gasket blows:

#1: The coolant will escape from the engine compartment. As a result, due to the loss of the antifreeze, the engine will overheat. Additionally, the hot coolant may lead to a fire. So, dealing with a blown head gasket is a must.

#2: The coolant may end up in the cylinders. And when the coolant is mixed with engine oil or fuel, you may notice white smoke coming from the tailpipe of the car. Aside from the white smoke, coolant will keep the engine oil from lubricating properly, which may lead to severe engine damage. To protect the motor, as soon as you notice the smoke, take your car to a repair shop.

Safety comes first

So, yes, a head gasket is not just another component: it’s a rather crucial detail that keeps the car going. And if it gets blown, you must fix it or get it replaced ASAP to avoid further complications. Now, while some parts of the car are quite expensive, like the best exhaust system for Jeep Wrangler JK, for example, head gaskets are rather affordable. So, there’s very little reason in postponing a visit to your local auto shop.

After all, it’s going to be your family members and friends riding in that car!

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