How to Install Flowmaster Outlaw Series on your Jeep Wrangler

Hello, Andy Shane here, and today I want to share with you this new Jeep Wrangler. Here’s my only complaint about this car: it’s too quiet so what should I do? I will replace the exhaust system. And I’ll put on the best exhaust system for Jeep Wrangler.

Let’s begin!


Let's begin. wd-40At first, I just pulled off the standard tailpipe after the catalytic converter. Here’s a quick tip: use a little wd-40 on the rubber temples to make pulling out the old stuff less of a wrestling match.

With both systems arranged side by side, it is easy to understand why this Flowmaster American Thunder Catback system not only saves a lot of ground clearance and better sound. It’s made of 409 stainless steel and should last the life of my jeep.

One more thing to remove is the rear heat shield where the old muffler lived. I also removed the skid plate from under the transfer case to make it easier to pull out the stock pipe. Simply remove the four 18 millimeter screws.


Installation 1Now is the time to install and the real fun can begin. Let’s start with the assembly. It’s fun, if you take it apart you have to start from the back can and move like this, when you assemble it just start over right here at the Y and then just do a craft toy assembly. On the way back, remember to use your wd-40 or some type of lube on your rubber temples just because it makes your life a little bit easier.

Let’s set that up now because this kit fits both the two-door and the four-door.

You have two little adjusters here so put it on top of the second adjuster that is for the four doors and once I get that in place I’ll probably cut the other one-off. Okay, and I’ll just do this so the rubber strap is straight down and we’ll quickly tighten that. We don’t want anything cramped just yet because we actually want to do some fine-tuning, so let’s just make it cozy first.


Installation 2Let’s get to our next part, the actual silencer, and of course, we will rock it here with the Flowmaster logo. You know this is wrong for you, but we’re going to keep putting on the slip fits, and because I just loved tidying things up that way, I’m going to point all the slip fits in the same direction. It’s pretty easy and a lot of fun.

In order to get further to the rear of the car, we put the slide above the axle in our can. One interesting thing about this actual can itself is that it’s called the American Thunder Series or Kit. Sure this is going to sound good, just a matter of how v6 it sounds, as you can see this system is designed for maximum ground clearance and suspension articulation or serious off-road use.

Okay, now let’s toss our last clamp on, we put that in, let it toss through our hanger. Now just start over and adjust your way back and tighten to make sure nothing hits and your cute exhaust tip is in just the right place.

Let’s go for a lap, check out our new sound!
That thing sounds a lot better, you know it doesn’t sound like a hot rod, it shouldn’t, but it sounds really good.
See you next time! Enjoy your ride!

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