How to Replace Jeep Patriot Side Mirror

If you are looking for a Jeep Patriot side mirror replacement, then you’ve come to the right place. We will show you step-by-step how to replace your Jeep Patriot’s side mirrors, and we’ll even give you some tips that will make the process go more smoothly!

Jeep Patriot side mirrors are fairly simple to replace. Jeep has made it possible for you to do this replacement on your own, with just a few tools and about 30 minutes of time. This is something that can be done in the driveway or garage without any need for special equipment or training.

How to replace side mirror on Jeep Patriot: Step by step instruction

Move your Jeep to a flat surface, preferably outside. Take out the tools that you’ll need: socket wrench with extension and ratchet; Phillips head screwdriver; adjustable crescent wrench or pliers. Adjustable crescent wrenches are generally better but will depend on what’s available at home.

Step #1

How to Replace Jeep Patriot Side Mirror1The first step is removing the old mirror by loosening its set screws using either an adjustable crescent wrench or pliers (if it doesn’t have any) and then unscrewing them inside of the door handle opening from where they attach to the side view mirrors frame(s). Your best bet is starting with one side before moving onto other ones if applicable as this will make finding everything easier when reassembling.

Step #2

How to Replace Jeep Patriot Side Mirror2Once the old mirror is loose, slide it down and out of your view to make room for the new one before installing it in its place (double-check that you have all the necessary tools with you).


Step #3

How to Replace Jeep Patriot Side Mirror3Attach the new side mirrors by inserting screws into holes on either end of frame(s), then tighten using an adjustable crescent wrench or pliers until secure. It’s best to start from the inside door opening and move towards the outside as this will allow for a quick finish when done correctly. If applicable, tighten set screws using the same tool used earlier – adjust until tight but not so much they’re stripped!

Step #4

Test drive Jeep after installation to test if everything has been fixed properly and that there are no other issues.

Additional Tips

It’s a good idea to use gloves for this entire process as it can be messy, and you’ll want to protect your hands from anything sharp that may be on the Jeep! Some people also wear safety goggles or glasses in order to protect their eyes while working too.

How to Replace Jeep Patriot Side Mirror4Make sure you have all the necessary tools before beginning the replacement – if Jeep Patriot side mirrors are missing screws when they arrive, check with the manufacturer first before continuing so there is no confusion about how many should go where (possible need of extra hardware).

When screwing in new set screws after mirror installation, make them tight but not overtightened – adjust until secure without stripping other parts inside door handle opening.

Jeep recommends a Phillips head screwdriver and socket wrench but you can use other tools that may be more available at home for this process, as long as they are compatible with the screws!

A good test drive after everything has been fixed is recommended before deciding it’s finished – make sure all work was done properly including tightening of set screws on new mirror assembly.

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