Easy Jeep Maintenance Projects Every Driver Can Succeed With

5 DIY Maintenance Projects That Are Easier Than You Think

Many drivers believe that only professional and skilled mechanist can take care of their vehicle. The truth is – I have nothing against it, and I do agree with the assumption completely. However, there are times when your budget is too tight to allow all the necessary maintenance projects to be covered. At a time like this, you have a choice to do the necessary things and leave those that can wait away.

While that is also the right decision, I say that there are still many maintenance projects about your Jeep that you can easily do on your own with no damage to the vehicle. Of course, I am talking smaller things like changing a filter or motor oil. I am not going to encourage you to play around with the engine or anything of the kind. I think that these maintenance projects that can be done on your own will save you some time and means at the same time while won’t overburden you in no case!

Safety Note

Just before we proceed of those simple replacement tips, I would like you to memorize a list of safety tips that will save you a lot of trouble should you decide to play around with your vehicle:

Jack stands – relying on a jack is never an option when you are getting under the vehicle and not only. Some drivers use additional safety layer in the form of the tires put under the sides of the vehicle, in case those are taken off. Even when you are not planning on getting under your Jeep, use jack stands anyway.

Check the lift point – every vehicle comes with a set jacking point, and it is advised you check it before you begin anything else.

Re-tighten the bolts – no matter how tight you think the bolts are, it is best to check back on them after a few miles, just to be sure.

Wear gloves – this may seem like an obvious too, but you will be surprised how many drivers neglect the rule and end up with dirty hands that are not that easy to wash off for a while. Besides, gloves provide additional protection to your hands, and that is vital.

Brake Pads and Rotors

For 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler,Wrangler JK Front Rear Brake Rotors+Ceramic PadsSome Jeep maintenance projects are basic in their core, but when you take your vehicle to the mechanists – you get charged for those simple deeds unfairly. Changing the brake pads or rotors belongs to the category of those simple maintenance projects that I am talking about. When you decide to change either part, all that is needed is a step-by-step instruction that fits your model, the Best Brake Pads for Jeep JK, or the Best Jeep Rotors Replacement and a set of basic tools that any driver has lying somewhere in his or her garage. However, you should not forget about the jack stands. These are mandatory.

Engine Oil Filter

Best Oil for JeepThe engine oil change is a mandatory action, whether you like it or not, but it is also a simple one at the same time. Just before you proceed to follow the instructions that you can easily find online, you need to figure out whether it is the right time. The fact is that a while ago, 3000 miles were a limit for some vehicles, but these days both the engines and the oil have been upgraded so that it may be up to 6K miles before you should consider a replacement.

If you are 100% sure that it is time, then you need to figure the oil weight that has been used before. Usually, it is stated in the vehicle’s manual. A word of advice is that not always Oil for Jeep 4.0 Engine suits other models and vice versa. Also, if it is synthetic oil that has been used before, then you should replace it with no other oil type. In case you are not sure whether it was synthetic oil that has been used before or not, use synthetic anyway.

Lastly, you should not forget about changing the filter at the same time you are changing the oil. Otherwise, all the fuss may be in vain.

Engine Scan

There are some errors that you can find out on your own with the help of the Best OBD2 Scanner for Jeep. At times such a home-diagnostics can save you as much a couple of hundreds. All you need is to run the scanner and check the error codes online so that you know what they stand for. Usually, you should mention your vehicle model along the error code to be 100% sure as to what that error means. After that, the chances are that you are going to find the issue as well as the solution to it on all sorts of devoted forums. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed on your own, other times, you may need to take the vehicle to the professional, but you are going to save on the theoretical part anyway.

Cabin Filters

Paper Filters for JeepJust like in the case with engine filters, cabin filters are as simple to replace. In the most difficult situations, you may need to play around with a bunch of little bolts, but usually, these are the clams that slide off easily. Besides, these days there are many Cabin Filters for Jeep Recommendations available online for a quite budget price while offering lots of useful perks for the cost.

Engine Air Filters

Easy Jeep Maintenance Projects Every Driver Can Succeed WithIt does not take a genius to figure that it is impossible for the engine to run without a list of things and the air is on the top of the list. Surely, most stock vehicles come with a quality filter, but it tends to wear out over some time. What is more, the main reason why aftermarket filters are so popular now is that they are designed to be better than stock ones. Various vendors conduct serious researches to find out what additional functions a filter can do, how durable it should be as well as its price.

In case you wonder which filters would suffice your vehicle, it is only fair to state that Paper Filters for a Jeep Wrangler Engine are gaining leading positions by the day. The truth is that paper filters are not only affordable they are designed, in some cases, to last up to 10 years.

Spark Plugs

Champion Spark Plug 438 SPARK PLUGSThe truth is that changing the spark plugs may be the most challenging maintenance process of all. Let me explain why, at least in a nutshell. The fact is that different vehicles come with a build that is not one-for-all. That is why, while some spark plugs are right there for you to reach, in other cases, they may be hidden behind some other parts, and you need to get through the ‘obstacle’ first. Also, it is not enough to look for the make and the model of the vehicle you are planning on changing the plugs for, it is advised to mention the engine too. For instance – Spark Plugs for 4.0 Jeep and so on.

As you can see, maintaining your Jeep on your own is no longer a fairytale. There is a list of essential replacements and changes you can do yourself too!


Easy Jeep Maintenance Projects Every Driver Can Succeed WithKeeping the internal parts of your vehicle ticking is essential if you wish your Jeep to take you anywhere and get you out of any situation. That is why it is vital that quality coolant or antifreeze is the fluid not to be treated lightly.

Some may say that Antifreeze for Jeep is the simplest to choose. Nevertheless, with a significant number of vehicle models as well as their engine capacity, different types of antifreeze are required. It is hard to be an expert in everything, but as long as you know your engine capacity as well as the Jeep model, there is an excellent range of reviews and guides that will head you in the right direction.

Windshield Wipers

Easy Jeep Maintenance Projects Every Driver Can Succeed WithWhether we like to admit it or not but at times, a lot depends upon some minor Jeep accessory. What will you do if there is a have storm outside? It goes without saying that windshield wipers go on. However, we often neglect their longevity. It happens so that when you need them most – they let you down and provide as little help as possible.

To avoid situations like that, especially while off-roading, it is a must to consider and invest in the best Windshield Wipers for Jeep. Just as useful there are so simple, they are to install. It may take you longer to pick a suitable option rather than to replace the current worn-out version.

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