Types of Jeep Lift Kits

Types of Jeep Lift Kits

Jeeps are arguably the most customizable and adjustable vehicles on the planet. And, there’s never a shortage of aftermarket parts, which is also a good thing. Bumpers, side skirts, tube doors, hardtops – it can all be replaced or upgraded. But nothing compares to lift kits, of course. First of all, they can accommodate bigger tires, turning your SUV into an off-roading beast. Secondly, they greatly improve ride quality.

But how do you know which kit will be the best fit for your Jeep? There are three different types of lift kits, and they all have their pros and cons. So, join me, and let’s talk about them in more detail. We’ll start with the so-called body kits and then slowly move down to leveling and suspension kits. Ready? Let’s get to it!

Body Lift Kits

Types of Jeep Lift KitsIf you’re not really sure about lifting your vehicle or that you’ll be able to go through with it, I strongly recommend giving body kits a try. That’s because they’re relatively easy to make sense of and install even if you have very basic mechanical skills. On average, it takes 2-5 hours to complete the installation. Also, a proper Body Lift Kit won’t cost you a fortune, which is a big pro. More good news: you won’t have to touch the suspension in any way or modify it.

Essentially, a body lift kit is a set of spacers that raise the body of the car. Unfortunately, that won’t increase the Jeep’s ground clearance in any way. Why is that important, exactly? Well, extra tire clearance changes the distance between the road and the bottom of your vehicle, which makes off-roading a lot easier and more enjoyable. On the bright side, the upgraded fender clearance that you’ll get with a body kit will allow you to install bigger tires.

The average price-tag on a reliable and efficient body lift kit is 300-400 US dollars. The market also offers cheaper options in the $200-250 range, but the build/material quality won’t be very impressive. The labor cost is going to be 60-70% of the kit’s price, or even higher. But, as I already mentioned, body kits aren’t hard to install on your own and to modify, if need be.

Leveling Kits

Types of Jeep Lift KitsMoving on with the list, let’s check out what a Leveling Kit is all about. Just like the name suggests, it aims at leveling the vehicle. You might not know this, but most cars (especially pickup trucks and larger SUVs) sit higher in the back and lower in the front. That’s a beneficial design in terms of aerodynamics, but not always for off-roading. This is especially true if you want to install new tires.

While they’ll fit in the back, the same can’t be said about the front. So, in contrast to a body lift kit, a leveling kit only lifts the front end, leaving the rear untouched. That also means leveling kits are the least expensive option on the table. The average price on a set of spacers is 100-150 US dollars, or even less. Again, the installation fee is around the same price as the kit.

Suspension Lift Kits

Types of Jeep Lift KitsAlright, with the other two lift kit types out of the way, it’s time to focus on the most advanced (and expensive) one. A Suspension Lift Kit is a lot more than just a pair of spacers that beef up the vehicle. It’s a whole list of different aftermarket gear that greatly improves the ride quality, increases the ground clearance, and turns you into an off-roading champ.

A suspension kit includes sway bars, coils, shock absorbers, and control arms. With it, you’ll be modifying the steering and the actual suspension system. In terms of pricing, a suspension kit will be at least twice the price of a premium-quality body lift kit. And if you count in the labor fees, you’ll be looking at up to 2-2.5K dollars. That’s right: mechanics charge more for installing these types of kits, as they’re more difficult and require pro-level skills. Here are the Best Jeep Renegade Lift Kit.

If you think that’s a bit steep, just remember that suspension kits take up to 15 hours to install. And, without proper knowledge and experience, you’ll probably end up ruining your Jeep if you try to do everything manually.

The Verdict

That’s pretty much everything I wanted to tell you about different lift kits. Summing up, if you’re a bit nervous and this is your first experience with a lift, go with a body kit. It can raise your truck/SUV for up to five inches and will cost 200-400 dollars. For that kind of money, you’ll be able to install large tires and impress your off-roading buddies. A leveling kit will be available for cheaper, but it will only lift the front end, essentially leveling the vehicle.

And what about suspension lift kits? What are their biggest benefits? Most importantly, suspension kits greatly affect the steering and ride quality of your Jeep. On top of that, they can go as high as 8-9 inches, accommodating gigantic wheels. Now, while you might not want that big of a lift, you’ll still enjoy an increased tire clearance no matter how much you lift the vehicle. So, make your choice wisely, and take care of your Jeep!

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