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Blinking Tire Pressure Light: How To Reset

Blinking Tire Pressure Light How To Reset

Tires are the only things in your car that come into contact with the road and their condition affects how good of a grip they get on the asphalt. The speed at which you drive, too much weight in one tire or other factors can lead to uneven wear or under-inflation. When these issues happen, it’s not uncommon for drivers to see an illuminated lightbulb icon popping up on their dashboard. This signals there is low air pressure inside one of your tires and needs to be addressed before driving any further because this increases your risk of crashing from running off the side of a cliff or veering across lanes due to skidding out during turns.

Knowing what causes this message may help you understand obstacles like why some people may see the light when there is no low-pressure issue.

Blinking Tire Pressure Light How To Reset

If you have ever been on the road and seen your car’s tire pressure light come on, it is usually for one of two reasons: either there is an actual issue with your tires which needs to be addressed or else something in the vehicle’s electrical system has gone haywire. There are some other possibilities – like a loose wheel nut or just a bad sensor screw – but these happen less often so they are not as important to mention here.”

This article will walk you through how to reset your tire pressure warning icon on dashboard so that you are not constantly distracted by this inconvenience while driving.

The first step in fixing a blinking tire pressure light is finding out if it really needs to be addressed or if it’s just malfunctioning for some reason and in need of restoring factory settings as opposed to being fixed with air. There are various ways people try, including removing the fuse from their car’s electrical system which causes all lights on the dash board to turn off, using a scan tool that can override what type of error code has been triggered or taking it into an automobile shop.

Can You Fix A Blinking Tire Pressure Light

Blinking Tire Pressure Light How To ResetYes, you can fix a blinking tire pressure light. In the first instance of low-pressure warning lights on your dashboard, an air compressor is recommended to make sure that all tires are at the proper inflation level and free from any leaks or punctures in their rubber lining. If this does not solve the problem for some reason, then there’s a chance it may be caused by a sensor malfunctioning and needs to reset itself back to factory settings so that will blink again as soon as possible after the issue has been fixed. Some people experience what appears like normal wear and tear with these sensors over time which leads them into need of maintenance more often than others because they’re always being triggered even when nothing is wrong with the tire.


No matter what the cause for your light, knowing how to reset it can be a relief because now you don’t have to worry about getting pulled over or having some other type of accident in order to fix the problem as soon as possible so that no one gets hurt. We hope this post has helped and please let us know if there’s anything we can do better!

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